Yes, at 5th week, the growth of the embryo starts officially. Till now the embryo has been just a small mass made of cells. But now this mass will start forming some shape. Although it will not be a clear one where you can identify all the organs, it will be just the start. A formation of the neural tube will start forming from top to bottom around the embryo. This neural tube will ultimately get developed to the brain and spinal cord of your baby. You can find a slight bulge in the centre of the embryo. This will get developed in the heart of the baby. The placenta at this time is completely formed. The placenta is characterized by small projections in the shape of fingers. These fingerlike projections are known as chorionic villi and performs the function of getting nourishment for the baby from the mother’s body. The size of the baby is still very small, almost 2 mm and around this time the brain of the baby starts to get developed.

Development of the layers

As read earlier, there are three layers of the tiny embryo that has formed – ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. These different layers of different organs and the basis of this starts during this time. The ectoderm will result in the formation of neural tube along with the baby’s nails, hair, skin, sweat glands, mammary glands and tooth enamel. Basically all outer parts of the body.

The middle layer, the mesoderm is responsible for the development of the circulatory system and the heart. The development of the heart starts during 5th week as the four chambers form now. Along with that the muscles of the baby, bones, cartilage and skin tissues will also be formed out of mesoderm.

The endoderm or inner most layer will develop into the intestines, lungs , urinary system, pancreas, thyroid and liver. Although that will happen later. Right now the endoderm will help in forming the primitive placenta and the umbilical cord that will help in nourishing e baby.

Changes in the Body

There will be certain changes in the body that you might start feeling at this time. Most of us will start feeling a bit of nausea if you have not started with it yet. There will be certain foods you will start disliking at this time. The breasts will feel a bit tender and the size of the nipples increase at this time. Slight stomach cramps and backache is also normal during this time. But if the cramps are very painful or unbearable maybe you would be required to take expert advice. Book yourself a prenatal appointment with the doctor to consult from time to time. Other effects that are common are frequent urinating and fatigue. Be as active as possible but don’t get tired as well. A comfortable life is best. Eat healthy and stay active and enjoy the time as much as possible with your baby.

Announce your Pregnancy Now

This is also the time when you should announce your pregnancy to others if not done till now. You can also find the various ways that will help you announce your pregnancy to make it special for you and others who care.

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