Breathe a sigh of relief. The queasy feeling is gone and your appetite’s back. You can finally gorge on your favorite foods. Plus, your baby’s growing at super speed. You will be amazed to learn that your little one’s reproductive system is growing rapidly during this week. 

Baby Development

At 14 weeks, the body measures between 3-3.5 inches in length. The fetus weighs approximately 1-1.5 ounces. It is the size of a clenched fist.

The palate, the roof of the mouth, is completely formed. Some babies also grow fine body hair by this time. It is called Lanugo. It offers warmth to the baby in the womb. Your little one passes its time flexing its muscles, wiggling its toes, sucking its thumb and kicking around.

The organs such as the pancreas, liver, thyroid gland and spleen have matured. Many have also taken up their respective roles. The kidneys make and excrete urine. The liver starts producing bile while the spleen becomes the site for the production of red blood cells. The spleen fulfills the function of producing red blood cells until the bone marrow becomes capable of doing so. The bone marrow continues to produce white blood cells. 

The thyroid gland has started secreting vital hormones. The external genitals are developing gradually. In boys, the prostate gland starts forming. In girls the ovaries have commenced moving into place- from the abdominal area in the pelvic region. The ovaries contain almost a million eggs. 

Preparations have also started for the baby’s respiratory system. The fetal hiccups strengthen the diaphragm.

Changes to your body

There is a drastic change in your appetite. In the first trimester even the sight of food made you sick. In the second trimester you feel excessively hungry. You no longer suffer morning sickness (in some it continues but is reduced to the minimum), so you can enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal without worrying about throwing up. Another positive change during the 14th week of pregnancy is the increase in the energy levels. You no longer feel lethargic. 

However, the second trimester is also known for its share of symptoms. The muscles and ligaments stretch to make room for your baby. Thus, you may feel a few aches and pains. The highly sensitized sense of smell may stick with you till the end of pregnancy. Your hair gets thicker and glossy; courtesy the increased intake of nutrients. Some women develop food aversions.

The breasts become larger and more sensitive. You might develop a few spots and freckles on the skin too.

Activities for this week

  • The second trimester makes you a glutton. Keep snacks by your side to nibble on every time you feel hungry. Occasional indulgences are fine, but avoid eating greasy, fatty sugary foods daily. Instead stock up on soups, crackers and nuts.
  • Don’t shy away from exercise. The more you exercise the more benefits it secures for you and your baby. Seek medical advice on the exercises you should perform or avoid.
  • Buy a pair or two of maternity jeans and tops.
  • Start decorating your little one’s nursery.
  • You can sign up for birth classes.
  • Take your babymoon.

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