With other organs already in place, the focus is on the reproductive system. The little one is eating, sleeping and making merry. But on the outside mommy dear is having a tough time. No matter what you do there’s never enough of energy. You’re feeling nauseated and aches and pains are getting intense. 

Only two more weeks to go and then you’ll be merrier too! Till then comfort yourself with your baby’s growth and development.

Baby Development

The size of the fetus may vary at this gestational age. The fetus measures roughly between 1.5 to 2 inches in length. To compare, it is equal to the length of the strip from the tip of the thumb to its knuckle. From now, the fetus will triple in length. It will also increase in weight gradually; by almost 30%. The head is large and makes up half of its total length.

It has developed distinct characteristics that make it look more human like. The ears are fully developed and in their final position. The fingers and toes are no longer webbed. Your baby grows finger nails and hair follicles too. 

By the 11th week, the body structure and organs are completely developed. Depending upon whether you have a boy or girl, the genitals will begin to take form. However, you will not be able to detect the gender. Gender detection can be performed only after 16 weeks. 

You can’t see and you can’t feel, but your baby is having a gala time in your tummy. The fetus moves and swims around without difficulty. It can suck its thumb, move his head and stretch.

Changes to your body

In addition to your growing belly and breasts, one more physical change makes it debut during the 11th week. It is the Linea Nigra. The Linea Nigra is a dark, line running vertically across your belly through the navel. It is normal. 

The blood vessels in the placenta also start expanding to gear up for rapid growth in the weeks to come. There is a significant increase in the amount of vaginal discharge.

Fatigue and nausea continues. Fatigue increases, but the nauseated feeling starts to wane. You will at this stage also experience excessive gas and bloating. With the hormones still haywire, mood swings swear not to leave you. You may also find it hard to sleep at night with the onset of leg cramps.

Tips for this Week

  • Many think about a babymoon somewhere between the 11th and 12th week. We suggest reserving it for the second trimester when energy levels are higher and the morning sickness has subsided. Besides, traveling is safer during the second trimester. However, you can definitely start planning your babymoon.
  • Stock up on some new bras and cotton underwear.
  • Each nutritious food and minimize your intake of junk. Avoid foods that will worsen the problem of gas.
  • Eat smaller snacks instead of one complete whole meal. This is particularly effective if you still suffer severe morning sickness. Smaller snacks are also easier to digest. Eating small frequent snacks will raise blood sugar levels and will make you feel less lethargic.
  • Increase your intake of water. You likely feel thirsty often. You can also have juices, but avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Stay active. Regular exercise will keep you more energized.
  • Rest whenever the body demands it.
  • It is also time for an ultrasound screening and the Nuchal Translucent Test.

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