With pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness and frequent urination, there is no denying you are pregnant. However, besides your spouse and a few close family members no-one knows about it. 

Here’s the good news! You may finally be able to see an extra tummy curve. But, there’s a flip side too. Buckle up for the aches and pains and some severe constipation.

Baby Development

The fetus measures more than 1 inch; roughly 1.2 inches. It has also gained weight. It is the size of a prune. 

The fully formed eyelids fuse together to protect the eyes. They remain shut till birth. The hair growth is thicker. He or she has developed tiny fingernails too. The embryonic tail is nowhere in sight. In the mouth, the teeth buds emerge under the gums. Your baby’s skin becomes thicker and less translucent. 

The bones and cartilages continue to form. You will be able to spot the bones on an ultrasound as white structures. You will see the indentations on the legs and arms – the knees, ankles, the elbows and wrists respectively. The genitals are also in the initial stage of development. 

All the vital organs are fully developed. They start functioning. The kidneys filter wastes and produce urine while the stomach has also kicked into gear producing digestive juices. If your little one is male, his testes may have already started producing the male hormone testosterone. The brain also continues to develop at a rapid rate, producing almost 250,000 neurons per minute.

Your baby also starts swallowing, breathing and kicking. It does not need these movements for its survival as it receives oxygen and nourishment via the umbilical cord. However, these are reflexes the baby develops to use after birth. 

Changes to Your Body 

Your baby’s growing rapidly and the uterus is expanding at an equal rate. It is roughly the size of a softball. The muscles and ligaments stretch and causing a few aches and pains. Not all women suffer the so called “Round ligament pain”, but a vast majority of women complain about it. 

The breasts have already expanded to a certain degree and continue to do so. You may have gone up one cup size. They feel tender and heavy.  The nipples get darker and more prominent.

The pregnancy symptom that causes immense discomfort during this week is constipation. The increasing pressure of the uterus on the intestines slows down the process of digestion. It hinders the movement of bowels. 

Your heart pumps more blood to sustain to various body functions. It starts pumping almost 20 percent more blood than otherwise. This gives rise of varicose veins.

You will notice a change in shape. Your waist line is disappearing and pregnant belly becomes more visible. In addition to this, you may have difficult falling asleep or sleep may be disturbed due to strange pregnancy dreams and frequent urination. Increased vaginal discharge also makes you more uncomfortable.

Tips for the 10thweek of pregnancy

  •  Stock up on loose clothes.
  • Constipation can give you a tough time. Increase the intake of fiber in your food. It will ease the elimination of bowels.  Whole grains and vegetables are the richest sources of fiber.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get yourself educated on the Nuchal Translucent test. It helps detect chromosomal defects in the fetus. It is performed at 11 or 12 weeks before the beginning of the second trimester. 

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