Sex during pregnancy is the most confusing chapter in the life of a couple. Neither of you are sure about whether it’s safe or not. You are always caught between your desire and responsibility. There is a desire to enjoy an intimate time with your partner but you also have to think about your responsibility that you have to safeguard your unborn child. In addition to that, hormonal changes during pregnancy can either increase your sex drive or totally averse it. In either case, you don’t want your personal relationship with your partner to get affected.

Although I agree that, this is a problem that’s too personal to a couple and only they have a solution to their problem. You need to talk to each other and discuss things openly if you want to sort things out. From a medical point of view, you can try keeping yourself away from the action in your first trimester just for the sake of safety. Otherwise, making love will not harm your baby in normal circumstances.

There is a lot of sex related fears that a couple have during their time of pregnancy. Here are a few of them and I am sure they might help you in your case. Let us discuss each of them elaborately here.

I Will Hurt My Baby 

This is the most common fear that young couples have especially during their first pregnancy. The fear is more in case of men who feel they will poke their baby and hurt them in some way. In realty, the fetus will not get affected in any way by intercourse. They are stored under various layers of tissues and muscles and enclosed by a fluid which will not let the baby get affected in any manner. Only in rare cases when there are some issues with cervix or placenta will your doctor advise you to stay away from each other. If this is not the case with you, don’t worry about anything else.

I Am Not Attractive Anymore

This is a fear that plagues mostly the women. A woman always wants to look beautiful for her partner and this is the time, when she sees herself from their partner’s eyes. Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes physically as well as mentally to your body. So if you are developing curves or bloating up to some extent, you don’t need to feel you are not sexy anymore. To avoid such negative thoughts you can find new ways that can help you love your body. You can join yoga or pamper your body the way you like it. A positive thinking will help you improve your image and you can enjoy your sex life much better.

It will Initiate Labor Pains

This is a common worry during third trimester. The fear is not wrong, as there are chances to trigger labor pains through intercourse. However, it cannot start it prematurely. If the time is right (time around due date) you can trigger the labor pains through intercourse. This is because the oxytocin and prostaglandins, the hormones released during orgasms act as receptors for the body and help in triggering labor. You can have sex till the end moment but first make sure with your doctor if you have a vulnerable cervix or not. In case of vulnerable cervix sex should be avoided, otherwise you can have it till the end with pleasure.

Will I enjoy it?

Both men as well as women stay away from their partner just because they are not sure whether they will enjoy it or not. Well my verdict is, you wont know till you try. Sex drive is something that plays its own rules especially during pregnancy. It might be low for few days and increase at other time. Whatever you are feeling it’s always better to let your partner know about your dry or wet spells and grow in your relationship. This is the time when without sex also you can enjoy with each other rejoice.

Hurting The Partner

When two people are in love they worry a lot about hurting each other in the process. You know longer have make up sex to make things easier for each other. Sometimes it may happen that your timings are not right. If you are feeling like enjoying an intimate time, your partner may not want it or vice versa. These are problems with solutions. You don’t have to feel guilty or bad about them. Maybe this is the time you should discover new and creative ways to enjoy each other.

Pregnancy is a time when you realize that your relationship is much more than just having good sex. It’s about being together and understanding each other. So the best therapy is to be open with each other about your thoughts and feelings. It’s an opportunity you have where you can grow with each other and enjoy an awesome time. 

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