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Pregnancy Week by Week

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7 Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Pregnancy is a delicate phase. You have to be careful of the foods you eat. Not only this, you must abstain from strenuous exercises and activities. Your doctor will brief you on the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. However, you must also become aware to your own body as it gives you signals when something is wrong. You must watch ... Read More »

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max with Omega 3 – A Review

Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max with omega-3 box

Pregnancy stage goes through various twists and turns. You should want to take care of your health as well as the baby by taking nutritious food and avoiding exposure to harmful environment. As your body will be very sensitive to climatic changes, additional care is required. In addition to the protection, it is also required to go for best nutrition ... Read More »

Preconception Checkup: Be Prepared for the Following Questions

A preconception checkup is in many cases a woman’s first visit to the obstetrician’s office. It is natural to get apprehensive about this first meeting with the doctor. Would it be a question-answer session only or would it involve a physical examination too?  If you’re stuck in such a sticky situation and don’t know who to look up to for ... Read More »

Morning Sickness: The Flip side of Pregnancy

Morning sickness is the most conspicuous symptom of pregnancy. Almost every second woman experiences bouts of nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. A selected few continue to suffer until their delivery. Morning sickness starts between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy. It starts as soon as a woman conceives. Although it is called morning sickness, the nauseous feeling ... Read More »

Tips for Coping With Morning Sickness

The queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach makes you sick. There are times when your stomach growls with hunger, but when you actually spoon and bite into your food, you feel like throwing up. All you want to do is curl in bed and rest. How you wish you could choose your pregnancy symptoms! Morning sickness decreases by ... Read More »

The Embryonic Period – Pregnancy 4th Week

Now that your blastocyst is formed and implantation has taken place, you will move on to the next stage of pregnancy. The fourth week of pregnancy is also known as the embryonic period or the beginning of the development of an embryo. This is the time when the organs will start its development wand will continue to do so till ... Read More »

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