Last updated on April 27th, 2021

The pregnancy back pain that started in the first trimester has reached its peak as you crawl into the final trimester. The reason behind this is your highly flexible back.

The center of gravity shifts and the lower spine curves in to support the baby weight. To add, the hormone relaxin has started its work loosening the tissues and joints in the pelvis to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for delivery.

The pain becomes so unbearable at times that you feel like popping in pain medications. But, you abstain for the sake of your baby. Even if you cannot take pain medication, there are several other methods to relieve severe pregnancy back pain. We will discuss a few below so read on.

Correct your posture to relieve pregnancy back pain

The first tip is to maintain a good posture. Stand straight. Relax your shoulders. Stand with your legs apart. It will ease back pain. It will also help you balance better. Do not stand for very long hours; take breaks to rest.

Correcting your posture also involves reviewing your sitting posture. Sit up straight in your chair. The chair should have back support, or you can use a pillow to support the curve of the spine. Avoid crossing your legs; it hampers proper blood circulation.

Pregnancy Back Pains

The right footwear

Many women cannot part with their heels. But, it is senseless to wear heels during pregnancy if it increases discomfort. Wear flats. They offer stability and also do not exert strain on the back muscles. You can also wear low heeled footwear with good arch support.

Lift Properly

We are used to bending forward when we try to lift an object from the ground. However, this is not the appropriate technique during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester. Bending put excess pressure on the lower back. Instead, you should squat or kneel to pick up objects from the floor or perform household chores.

Hot and Cold Compresses

A gentle massage can offer a great respite from pregnancy backache. You can ask your spouse to gently massage the tight muscles of your back. Ice packs and heating pads also help to alleviate back pain. However, ensure that the heating pad feels warm but is not too hot.

Massage to relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Sleep Positions

Sleep positions may also influence the severity of back pain in pregnancy. Sleeping on the back causes significant discomfort. The ideal position is the side with the knees slightly bent. To offer more support, you can place a pillow behind your back, under the abdomen or between your knees.

Exercise can also relieve pregnancy back pain

By including physical activity in your routine, you can reduce the backache torture to a certain extent. Light aerobic exercises are recommended during pregnancy. Yoga is the best exercise for physical and mental health during pregnancy. You can speak to your health care provider about other exercises you could use.

belt for Pregnancy Back Pain A maternity belt mainly for such pregnancy back pain

You can buy and use a maternity belt too. They offer additional support to the back.

If the backache is very severe, you can see your healthcare provider. He may put you on pain medication such as Acetaminophen. You should not take any medication without consulting your doctor.

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