Last updated on April 27th, 2021

If your baby’s birth is just around the corner, you must have by now started assembling and packing the various items you will need for the days you spend at the birth center. You have to carry a few items for yourself, your baby, and also your partner. 

Here’s a list of things a mother-to-be should pack in her labor and delivery bags. Also, learn a few tips to organize your bag so that you don’t rummage frantically when the time actually comes.

To Start For A Delivery Bag

Divide the contents of your bag into “During Labor and Delivery” and “For after childbirth.” You put the items in separate carry bags and place them in one big travel bag, or you can carry two small travel bags to the birth center. 

For Labor and Delivery


  • Delivery Bag
    Mom Packs her Delivery Bag

    Insurance card and Hospital Paperwork – These are among the most essential documents you should carry to the hospital. The hospital paperwork includes registration forms and your medical file. 

  • Birth Plan – A birth plan is a written document listing the expectant parents’ expectations on labor and delivery. If you have created one, carry it along to the hospital. It should be the first page in your medical file. 
  • Eyeglasses – If you use eyeglasses, carry them along, or you won’t be able to see what is going on. You could also wear contact lenses during the delivery if you find spectacles uncomfortable. Get the lens holder and solution too. 
  • Toiletries – Since you will be staying a few days at the hospital, you will have to carry a few toiletries. They include your toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, shampoo (hospitals provide, but you can take your own if you have a personal preference), deodorant, lip balm, and body lotion. Also, do not forget to carry a comb, barrettes, rubber bands, hair clips, and a hairband. They will help keep your hair in place, especially during delivery. 
  • Clothing – A loosely comfortable nightgown to use during delivery and one you don’t mind getting dirty. Choose a sleeveless nightgown or one with short sleeves. You can also bring along a bathrobe, slippers and a pair of socks. 
  • Other Items – This category includes the items that will comfort you during labor and pregnancy. It could be a pillow, an iPod to listen to music, or even some reading material.

For your husband or partner, you can pack a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and something to read. Don’t forget to put in the camera with a pair of charged batteries and the memory card to capture those beautiful first moments.

Delivery Bag

For after delivery

  • Clothes – You will need another nightgown to change into after delivery. Actually, carry at least two nightgowns. Some women tend to sweat a lot after pregnancy and would like to change. Pack an oversized outfit to put on when you go home from the hospital. 
  • Undergarments – Pack two nursing or regular bras. The breasts during the first few days after delivery feel flushed and sore. A right nursing bra with nursing pads will support the breast and absorb leaks. The hospital provides new moms mesh underpants equipped with sanitary napkins. Lochia or vaginal bleeding continues for the first weeks after birth. However, you can bring your own cotton underpants and sanitary napkins.  
  • Snacks – Labor drains your energy and gets you hungry. Carry a few sacks- granola bars, nuts, crackers, biscuits, or dry fruits. You can buy the main meals at the hospital cafeteria. 
  • Pastime – You can carry a few magazines or your iPod to while away time in the hospital. 
  • Pen and Diary – Use it to take down doctors’ notes and other instructions. 

For the Baby

You should buy a going home outfit for your baby. A one-piece suit is a preferable option. If not, carry booties and socks for the baby’s feet. Get a soft, comfortable cap. Bring along a blanket to swaddle your baby in. Install the car seat for the baby well in advance. 

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