Last updated on April 27th, 2021

A tiny percentage of women entertain the idea of lovemaking immediately after childbirth. They are exhausted. The body is sore and still recovering after the birthing process. Besides, with the baby weight still sitting around, you don’t feel as sexy as you used to. 

Parenting, pain and exhaustion, fears and anxieties, mood swings, and raging hormones have their own place. But, you don’t want them to ruin your intimate life with your spouse. How can you revive intimacy in your relationship after pregnancy? You can learn about how to get intimate after pregnancy with your partner right here. 

Body Image… Don’t Let It Become An Issue.

“What will he think about my body? My pouch-like stomach… the stretch marks…” – The truth is you are thinking about your body image more than he is.

A survey was conducted to find out what men thought of their pregnant wives. Much to our surprise, not one of them said their wives looked unattractive during and after pregnancy. In fact, they appreciated them for the pain and discomfort they underwent to bring that special little one to complete their world.

So ladies, although you don’t feel, believe that you are gorgeous and beautiful.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Poor communication is the main reason for the emotional drift that occurs after childbirth. You may be exhausted and sore and hence do not desire intercourse with him. However, pushing him away when he tries to fondle you is not the way of conveying it to him. According to him, you may no longer be attracted to him, or he may start believing that the baby has now taken the place he once occupied in your life. 

Therefore talk. It’s the only way to tell him to know how you feel and to know what he thinks. Speak to him about your exhaustion, your fears and anxieties, lack of sleep, body image, and how you feel sore. He will definitely understand. The fact that both of you confide in each other will strengthen your bond further. 


Intimate after Pregnancy

Intimate Should Not Always Be About Sex

Mention the word intimacy, and our thoughts automatically shoot to the three-letter word “SEX.” Intimacy does not connote only sex. This applies especially after pregnancy and childbirth. You can keep the intimacy alive in different ways – curl in bed, snuggle up against each other, hold hands, and a surprise squeeze from behind. If you feel up to more, you can indulge in a sensual massage or little foreplay. Gradually you will welcome physical intimacy in the form of sex. Find the right time to get intimate. Unlike earlier times, night time is now reserved for your little peanut. Schedule a time when you’re feeling good, and your energy levels are high. 

Flirting Could Do The Trick

Send him flirty text messages to make him realize you still care for him. He will want to get naughty when he gets home. A holiday may not be a feasible option with the little one. Nevertheless, you can still plan some time together. Plan a dinner date or a movie. 

Pamper Yourself

Amidst all this, schedule some “me” time. Pamper yourself with a haircut, a body massage, or a day at the spa. Watch a movie alone or shop to divert your mind. Think about working out at the gym too.

Start at your own pace. Don’t feel guilty. Your little family – you, your spouse, and your little bundle of joy will soon fall in rhythm with each other.


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