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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Postpartum Changes

10 Postpartum Changes to your Body

A vast majority of pregnant women educate themselves on body changes that will occur during the nine months of childbearing. Thus, to a certain extent, they are equipped to survive these changes. However, the postpartum changes often take women by surprise. After childbirth, the body…

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Pain Relief
Types of Pain Relief During Vaginal Delivery

While skimming through the questions on the ready-made childbirth plan template, you came across the option “For pain relief, I’d like to use…” You pondered over it for a while. Should you opt for natural birth without any pain relief medication? What if the labor…

Postpartum Exercises
Postpartum Exercises | 5 Exercises for New Moms

The physical stress, pain, and exhaustion involved in the child birthing process compel many new moms to exercise on the back burner. We understand. You’re tired and sore! But there’s also another thought at the back of your mind. You have to shed all pregnancy…

Vaginal Delivery
Tips For Fast Recovery after A Vaginal Delivery

Irrespective of whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or c-section, appropriate postpartum care is very essential. The physical and emotional changes brought about by pregnancy continue even after childbirth. The changes manifest in full swing during the first 6 weeks. These changes are not problems…

Intimate after Pregnancy
How To Intimate after Pregnancy | Crucial Tips

A tiny percentage of women entertain the idea of lovemaking immediately after childbirth. They are exhausted. The body is sore and still recovering after the birthing process. Besides, with the baby weight still sitting around, you don’t feel as sexy as you used to.  Parenting,…

New Parent
5 Mistakes Every New Parent Makes

No parent is perfect! Whether they are the parents of a teen or those of an infant, everyone makes a few mistakes. At least the others have some first-hand knowledge in the art of parenting, but new parents have only started taking their baby steps…

Tips For Fast Recovery after C-Section Delivery

Childbirth, whether it is a C-section or vaginal birth, is taxing on the body. The body needs time to recover. However, a Caesarean delivery or the C-section entails a more extended recovery period. It also requires more outstanding care as it is a surgical procedure. …