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40 weeks pregnant
40 Weeks Pregnant | Ready to start life ?

Hi mum, You did a great job! you’re 40 weeks pregnant. Your body has made me up – a developed kid who is ready to go out into the outside world. I have very much curiosity. The expected delivery date has come, but that does…

39 weeks pregnant
39 Weeks Pregnant | Is It Time?

Hi mum, Being 39 Weeks Pregnant, I am making the final preparations before my near uterine discharge. I weigh between 3 to 4 kilograms now, in addition to my weight gain and the increase in size, my appearance has changed from the previous week as…

38 weeks pregnant
38 Weeks Pregnant | Thank You, Brain

Hi, mum, Here is a warm peace from within the womb before I leave it and find myself in your arms. At 38 weeks pregnant, I have reached the height that I will be when we meet. My brain is getting bigger and bigger, and…