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Alarming Situations During First Trimester Of Pregnancy | Best Pregnancy Tips
Saturday , March 23 2019

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Alarming Situations During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Alarming Situations During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

After you have conceived a baby, all you need is to keep it protected and in great health. But as all other things, this task is also easier said than done. A lot of care and precautions are required, especially in the first trimester, to keep your younger one healthy and safe. But, how will you know when to get alarmed. Not all conditions are serious and sometimes it gets difficult to discriminate between a false alarm and a true one. So here are 7 situations which if you are experiencing, needs immediate expert attention.

Bleeding – Bleeding in the first trimester is not a good sign. Although doctors believe that a few types of spottings are normal and are caused not due to any problem to the embryo but other causes. Such bleeding is either pale red or brown in colour and you don’t really need to worry about them except than remain cautious about their occurrence. However, if the blood during bleeding is bright red in colour and you are experiencing a heavy bleeding, it is a matter of concern. Medical experts believe that heavy bleeding or cramping with bleeding during the first trimester are signs of miscarriage and require immediate attention. Bleeding can also occur in case of ectopic pregnancy which is explained as a complication where the formation of the embryo is done outside the uterus in the Fallopian tube.
What To Do – If your bleeding is accompanied with abdominal pain, heavy bleeding or cramps like you experience in times of your period, call your doctor immediately. You will be required to go through an ultrasound and some blood tests before you know what could be the reason.

Vomiting And Nausea In Extremes – Although they may seem normal, vomiting and nausea in excessive amount are a matter of concern. During your first trimester, due to hormonal changes in the body, most women face such problems. But if this vomiting and nausea are leaving you dehydrated or weight loss its not acceptable.
What To Do – Call your doctor and ask for prescriptions. Normal electrolytes and medications are advised in such situations but if you still don’t feel too good, get hospitalized to get treated for dehydration. Controlling excessive nausea is necessary to avoid dehydration and weight loss.

Fever – Catching flu is definitely a problem during pregnancy and especially in your first trimester. If you are running a high fever (above 101 degrees Fahrenheit) you need to worry. The reason for the fever is that you have caught some kind of infection. This infection requires diagnosis because it might be dangerous for your baby. Some common infections during pregnancy are Toxoplasma, cytomegalovirus and parvovirus. These infections can lead to problems like congenital deafness and you don’t want that.
What To Do – If you have a high fever with other symptoms common in flu like body ache etc, you can get yourself vaccinated before start pregnancy if possible. Otherwise, consult your doctor and avoid further complications.

Itching Or Vaginal Discharge – In some cases, vaginal discharge is normal but in some excessive cases where vaginal discharge is accompanied by itching, it could mean you are infected with something and in most cases these are STDs. Don’t consider these to be HIV, there is a lot of other sexually transmitted diseases as well that can harm your baby, although not in the way HIV does.
What To Do – Contact your gynaecologist and get it treated before the condition harms your baby.

Burning Sensation During Urination Or Pain – These are signs of urinary tract infections and need to be treated as soon as possible. If it’s not treated, there could be chance of pre term birth or other infections of serious nature.
What To Do – Tell your doctor and get them treated. It will relieve your pain as well as will not affect your baby.

Swelling In Legs Or On One Side Of The Body – Although not very common, but this is caused due to a blood clot in the body. If the clot is in the leg, it will result in swelling of the area. If the clot is in the brain it will lead to a headache. All these situations could be fatal and should be avoided during pregnancy.
What To Do – the condition arises in situations where you have a history of forming clots. So if you are one of those, tell your doctor in the beginning only to avoid them.

Chronic Diseases – If you are suffering from chronic illnesses in normal life like thyroid, diabetes etc. you need to be cautious about these conditions. Any change needs to be noted and if the change gets bigger, call your doctor immediately. If not taken care of on time, his condition can lead to serious repercussions.
What To Do – call your doctor and take immediate actions.

Although it may seem that so much needs to be taken care of during pregnancy but still not all of us have to face these situations. For most of us, the pregnancy period is a smooth road. Just try and enjoy this period by remaining stress free and healthy.

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