Hi mum, Being 39 Weeks Pregnant, I am making the final preparations before my near uterine discharge. I weigh between 3 to 4 kilograms now, in addition to my weight gain and the increase in size, my appearance has changed from the previous week as well. The fine hair covering my body.

Starting at 39 Weeks Pregnant, we can tell you that the zero hours have approached and that there is little left. We know you’ve been waiting long, honey, but now your willingness to welcome your newborn will make you forget the trouble of waiting.

At 39 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A MELON


Length: 50.7 cm

39 weeks pregnant baby size

?   You are in the third trimester

?   You are in the ninth month

?   Remaining number of weeks: 1

Baby development

? The baby at 39 Weeks Pregnant is fully developed and ready to be born at any time.

? All of your baby’s organs are well developed, and his skin will become thicker and paler because there is new skin to replace the outer skin cells that are removed from the child.

? The lung produces more surfactant, a substance that keeps the small air sacs from expanding and making the lungs ready for the first breath outside of the womb.

39 weeks pregnant baby development


? Your baby’s arm and leg muscles are strong by 39 Weeks Pregnant, and the fingernails and toenails are in place and fully grown.

? The baby’s head is lowered into the mother’s pelvis, and the position of the head down allows the mother to breathe a little easier.

Mother development

? The belly of the pregnant woman becomes very large due to the size of the fetus reaching 3 kilograms, so it becomes difficult to do any natural movements or practice a little strenuous activities.

? The abdomen begins to receive some movements and pushes from the fetus, as if it signals its desire to go out to see the world, which makes it feel some contractions and diastases in the abdominal area.

? Simple bleeding occurs as a symptom of pregnancy at 39 Weeks Pregnant, and it is not a concern except when it increases and its duration.

? Feeling some psychological changes, such as the constant desire to organize the house and buy clothes for the new baby, is among the things that a woman may feel in the last month of pregnancy.

? Heaviness in the lower abdomen at the pelvic region and some severe pain, which causes doctors to call it lightning pain, which affects the movement of the feet and the feeling of some pain in them.

39 weeks pregnant mom


? Secretion of mucus, which is a sticky and thick fluid accompanied by a small amount of blood, which is considered a normal symptom of 39 Weeks Pregnant

39 weeks pregnant Belly Size

During 39 Weeks Pregnant, your tummy will have almost no free space due to the continuous growth of the baby. The skin over the abdomen will be fully extended. To relieve discomfort from this, cat stretches (hands and knees) and pelvic tilts are recommended.

39 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

  1. Dilation and dilation of the uterus; One of the predictive signs of the imminent delivery date, which is what the woman feels when it occurs and there is a sense of the widening of the anus in preparation for the removal of the fetus, and this is confirmed through the necessary tests that must be done in 39 Weeks Pregnant.
  2. Dilation of the cervix; Some doctors may call this the ripening stage of the cervix, that is, its widening and readiness to receive the body’s orders to remove the newborn, and the mother cannot feel this, but it is examined by the doctor by examining the vaginal area.
  3. Increased activity; This condition appears in most pregnant women near the date of birth and lies in the desire to do activities and feel the enthusiasm and try to complete all the tasks of the home and family on the abnormal in all the previous months of pregnancy, as the mother begins to feel the desire to do the shopping for the supplies of the new baby, in addition to the improvement of her condition Moods than before.
  4. The occurrence of some contractions in the digestive system; is due to the change in the digestive and reproductive system of the fetus, which changes its secretions, especially the process of defecation, which causes some infectious disorders and problems in the digestive system to adapt to the new changes.
  5. Secretion of amniotic fluid; It is the watery fluid that surrounds the newborn from outside to protect it inside the mother’s abdomen, and it begins to disintegrate and descend and be a transparent liquid slightly yellowish, in addition to feeling some cramps in the abdomen, and the feeling of pain in the lower abdomen to the thighs and pressure on the vaginal area permanently.

39 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan is recommended to ensure the baby is in the best possible position for normal and safe delivery. This can only happen when the baby is in the head-down position. During 39 Weeks Pregnant, you will be able to see 75% of the baby’s face and the baby’s eyelashes are usually visible as well.

Pregnancy Checklist at 39 Weeks Pregnant

During this period, remember the following.

?   What to do,

? Eat easily digestible foods to avoid straining the digestive system

? Ensure that you are prepared for every detail of your hospitalization in the best condition and ready at any moment.

?   What not to do,

? Do not consume dairy products, meat, and fatty foods during this period as they put a strain on the digestive system.

? Many pregnant women will experience symptoms called “nesting” as the due date approaches, which is a compulsive desire to arrange and clean the house and tend to overdo it. While there’s no harm in making the house tidy, be sure to seek help from your family or hire help so that you don’t overwork.

?   What should you buy,

Here are some things you can buy during 39 Weeks Pregnant:

? Breast pumps

? Baby wipes

? diapers

? Breast milk storage bags

Nutrition at 39 Weeks Pregnant

There are some foods that must be eaten by a pregnant woman in the last months of pregnancy to avoid pregnancy symptoms in 39 Weeks Pregnant, and these foods include the following:

? Calcium-rich foods; Such as milk, yogurt, non-canned natural cheese, and well-cooked eggs, all of these foods contain large proportions of the calcium element necessary to provide the mother with the necessary food to withstand the child’s absorption of the calcium in her bones and compensate for the deficiency in it, in addition to providing her with the ability to bear the weight of the fetus in the last month Pregnancy.

? Protein-rich foods; It has been proven by some specialist doctors and special studies that a pregnant woman should eat at least 75 grams of protein daily divided into three basic meals, to increase the ability to bear the burden of pregnancy symptoms in 39 Weeks Pregnant, and to avoid general physical weakness.

? Foods rich in vitamin C; Which are recommended to avoid catching colds that a pregnant woman needs, such as lemon, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, and other fresh natural fruits and vegetables that contain the vitamin C that the mother needs.

? Whole grains; It is a major thing that must be eaten not only to strengthen the body but to relieve the symptoms of pregnancy in 39 Weeks Pregnant, such as relieving nausea, dizziness and headache, and it is also useful to eat popcorn that has been proven to contain vitamin E in addition to fiber and selenium; To strengthen the body and mind and reduce the feeling of depression that occurred in the last month of pregnancy.

? dates; Not like the first months in which we mentioned the necessity to abstain from eating dates, but on the contrary it is advisable to eat a good amount of dates in the ninth month of pregnancy because it is a key factor in softening the uterus and facilitating the slide of the fetus, which results in an easier pregnancy, in addition to being one of the elements that are recommended When the birth is normal.

Exercises At 39 Weeks Pregnant

Many women think that pregnancy prevents them from practicing regular exercise, but on the contrary, doctors have indicated the importance of exercising during the months of pregnancy, especially the last months of pregnancy, due to the fact that it helps to give birth easier, and some women have managed to give up childbirth. Cesarean section, and delivery naturally.

Among the most important exercises that a pregnant woman should do in the thirty-ninth week or the ninth month in general are:

? Squat exercise; is one of the great exercises for a pregnant woman in recent months to relieve the symptoms of pregnancy in 39 Weeks Pregnant, tighten the abdomen, and strengthen the muscles of the uterus and thighs as well.

This exercise occurs by standing up straight and opening the legs slightly apart from each other, then descending, like a squatting position, and then ascending again.

You can continue to do this daily on a regular basis and count ten times, which will greatly help you and ease the symptoms of pregnancy in 39 Weeks Pregnant.

? Inverted foot exercise; One of the most recommended exercises that doctors recommend for pregnant women in recent months is its ability to tighten the abdomen and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and soften the cervix to facilitate the peaceful delivery of the fetus.

This exercise is performed by standing up straight, switching the position of the legs in the form of an X, with the back and shoulders straight, placing the hands on the chest area, breathing regularly, and then returning them to the normal position again, and so on up to 5 times a day.

? Rubber ball exercise; This exercise helps straighten the back and shoulder bones, and strengthens the spine and thus the ability to bear the heavyweight of the fetus in recent weeks.

The pregnant woman places a rubber ball behind the back and leans on it, with the legs spread well on the ground, making successive movements such as swinging the ball forward and backward, with the hands fixed on the ground to facilitate the tilt forward and backward.

You can repeat this exercise twice every day, morning and evening.

? Crawl exercise It is a very important exercise to move the fetus, place it in the appropriate position for childbirth, and lower its head near the opening of the uterus.

The exercise is done for 15 to 20 minutes a day on a regular basis, by crawling on the hands and feet.

? Yoga; Which is always the best choice for a pregnant woman in all months of pregnancy, because of the ease of exercise and its ability to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-ninth week or in the ninth month in general.

It is performed by sitting on the floor, crossing legs comfortably and loosely, placing hands-on feet, and beginning to take in and exhale calmly and slowly for better results.

? Taylor exercise; This exercise is recommended to eliminate back pain, which is a major symptom of pregnancy in the thirty-ninth month.

This exercise is done by sitting on the floor, straightening the legs and interlocking them with each other from the bottom and the knees, and then trying to move them away from each other very slowly with two hands.

Doctors recommend such a prenatal exercise to soften the muscles of the uterus, relax the lower abdomen, and facilitate natural childbirth.

? Kegel exercise Exercises like this, especially the Kegel exercise, help in strengthening the uterine muscles, tightening the abdomen, and softening the anus in preparation for an easy and comfortable birth.

This exercise is performed by contracting and stretching the pelvic area muscle up and down, for 15 minutes a day, and exercise can be practiced twice a day in the morning and evening for better results.

? Walking; Many women prefer to exercise an appetizer in the last months of pregnancy to feel comfortable and relieve pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-ninth week in particular, and walking helps facilitate childbirth by stimulating blood circulation in the body and helping the uterus to maintain sufficient elasticity for the proper exit of the fetus.

? Breathing exercise; They are exercises that are practiced in the last weeks of pregnancy to relieve shortness of breath resulting from the heavyweight of the fetus and its pressure on the lungs often.

Take a breath in and out of the mouth quietly and very slowly while extending the breath to the abdominal area.

? Lying down exercise; This exercise also helps to stimulate the process of breathing better and reduce the bouts of distress that the pregnant woman suffers from near the date of birth.

You are lying on the floor and sleeping on the back, then looking at the stomach, breathing gradually, and observing the abdominal movements during the breathing process.

The difference between true and false childbirth

In the thirty-ninth week, and when the date of labor approaches, the pregnant woman begins to feel some contractions and pains in the womb, which makes her feel the approaching date of birth, which may not be true, as there are some women who cannot differentiate between the symptoms of true childbirth and false childbirth due to the convergence of the symptoms occurring in all of them.

Symptoms of false childbirth

? Pain in the lower abdomen occurs in an irregular way, which makes it severe sometimes, and at other times it is light.

? They are not regular in time, they can come on unlimited times, which may be infrequent or close, daily, or intermittent.

? These pains do not remain for a long period of time, but soon they disappear between 30 seconds and up to 5 minutes, and then the pregnant woman returns to normal.

? Pains disappear as soon as the position in which the pregnant woman is changed, such as sitting if she is standing, sleeping, or doing any activity that is not exhausting, then the pain begins to subside until it completely disappears.

? Often these pains are related to the psychological state of the woman, and they increase when feeling fear and anxiety about the approaching date of childbirth, and decrease when the psychological state is stable.

? False childbirth pains are often very weak compared to true birth pains.

Symptoms of true childbirth

? The pain is severe and starts from the lower abdomen area, gradually reaching the right and left side, which makes the pregnant woman feel that the due date is for sure.

? The pain is regular and consecutive and not intermittent, which is often due to the beginning of the expansion of the cervix to prepare the position for the delivery of the fetus appropriately.

? A kind of ossification or hardening occurs in the abdomen that a pregnant woman can feel and distinguish, and it is a sign that the fetus has begun to push down from the cervix to the vagina.

? The sequence of contractions and pains does not stop even when you are moving and performing an activity. Rather, they can increase and become completely unbearable.

? These pains, accompanied by severe and successive contractions, continue to increase, the main cause of which is the rotation of the fetus and taking the position necessary for a safe descent.

? Often these pains begin to appear in the back down to the lower abdomen, and even the sides, which makes it easy to distinguish them from the symptoms of false labor.

? The most that can distinguish between the signs of false and real childbirth is to go to the doctor and conduct examinations on the vaginal area to see the extent of the expansion in it and to make sure whether these symptoms are real or false.

Tips for an easy and comfortable natural birth

? Resist feelings of fear and anxiety of childbirth and try to think positively and think about welcoming your newborn baby in the best way, so that you can enjoy his little fingers while cuddling you.

? Prenatal nutrition is one of the most important issues that facilitate normal childbirth and reduce the symptoms and pain resulting from childbirth in general.

? It is advised to drink large quantities of water before undergoing the birth process because it facilitates the birth of the baby more comfortably.

? Follow-up of the thirty-ninth week and full examinations to address any problem before undergoing childbirth.

? Doing some exercises that help soften the cervix and vagina to facilitate the baby’s slipping.

? It is preferable to eat some dates before giving birth because it facilitates the softening of the uterus.

? Persistence is having sexual relations with the husband, under permanent medical advice, as this is considered a prelude to helping an easier birth.

? One of the best things you can do when you are feeling mucus is a hot bath.

Tips for cesarean delivery without pain

? It is advised to fast food and drink at least 6 hours before undergoing childbirth.

? Try to be coherent and resist feelings of fear and tension to not feel phantom pain during the operation.

? Avoid catching any colds to avoid difficult cesarean delivery.

? Before the operation, it is preferable to go to the bathroom and clean the vaginal area well.

? Reducing movement immediately after undergoing catheterization in the body and calm nerve relaxation.

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