Hi, mum, Here is a warm peace from within the womb before I leave it and find myself in your arms. At 38 weeks pregnant, I have reached the height that I will be when we meet. My brain is getting bigger and bigger, and it helps me, along with the nervous system, in the process of breathing, improving digestion, regulating the heart rate, and preparing for eating.

When the mother is at 38 Weeks Pregnant, the fetus descends into the pelvic region, where it may hit multiple very sensitive nerves. This will result in the mother feeling multiple sensations and pains in the legs as well as the vagina. Yes, the mother will have various new experiences during this period. Childbirth can also happen at any time now, and it is best to remain calm until that time.

At 38 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A Watermelon


Length: 49.8 cm

38 weeks pregnant baby size

  • You are in the third trimester
  • You are in the ninth month
  • The remaining number of weeks: 2

Baby development

? The baby at this stage of pregnancy is almost fully developed and ready for birth.

? The baby continues to gain layers of fat to control body temperature after birth.

? The doctor may be able to determine whether the baby will be larger or smaller than the average child’s weight in this week, depending on the height of the Vondel, i.e., estimating the gestational age according to the height of the fundus of the uterus, which is the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus.


38 weeks pregnant baby development

? By 38 Weeks Pregnant, the lanugo that covers the baby’s body is almost gone.

? A child’s vital organs are fully developed, but the lungs are the last to mature and complete.

Mother development

During 38 Weeks Pregnant, the body goes through changes that indicate a peak pregnancy, such as dilation and dilatation of the cervix. Some of these changes may be felt by the mother, such as the feeling that the baby has fallen into the pelvis. This can be determined by increased pressure in the pelvic area and decreased shortness of breath.

38 weeks pregnant mom


The mother can also leak from the breast. A yellowish fluid called colostrum is secreted mainly composed of antibodies and contains less sugar and fat. Not all mothers need to go through this. The colostrum fluid protects the newborn from diseases and is excreted even after birth with breast milk.

38 weeks pregnant Belly Size

The belly of mothers in 38 Weeks Pregnant becomes very large, which leads to neck stress, back tension, and general body fatigue. As the abdomen grows, the mother continues to gain weight. Eating small but frequent amounts of nutritious foods is recommended as this reduces stress on the digestive system.

38 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

This week, the fetus becomes in the pelvic region, which puts pressure on a group of sensitive nerves, resulting in a feeling of multiple pain and difficulties, not to mention the secretion of pregnancy hormones in a greater quantity than before, so these hormones increase the symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-eighth week. The most important of these symptoms are:

?   False labor (Braxton Hicks contractions)

During this week, the expectant mother may feel cramps and pain in the lower back and abdomen throughout the day, as these pains are similar to childbirth pain. Still, in fact, it is nothing but false labor due to the pressure of the fetus on the uterine nerves, but the truth is that the moment of birth has not yet come.

?   Nausea with a feeling of tiredness and fatigue

Many women experience nausea and fatigue in the last month of pregnancy, which increases the fatigue and suffering of pregnancy. The mother wishes the moment her baby comes out to get rid of these difficulties.

?   Digestive problems for pregnant women

During this week, the pregnant woman suffers from many digestive system problems that she suffers from and causes her disturbance. The most important of these problems are those related to heartburn, constipation, indigestion, and bloating.

?   Changes in fetal movement

The expectant mother notices this week, there is a decrease in the movement of the fetus, and it becomes less than it was before due to the large size of the fetus and the narrowing of the uterus on it.

?   Difficulty breathing and sleeping

Many pregnant women suffer from difficulties resulting from shortness of breath and sleep during this week because the fetus has grown older than before. Its weight has become pressure on the diaphragm with its legs, as its head is down, and its legs are up, which may cause anxiety and tension during the day.

?   Swelling and swelling of the hands and feet

Among the pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-eighth week, the occurrence of clear swelling on the limbs and face due to the accumulation of fluids inside them.

?   Increased salivation

The increase in saliva in a pregnant woman’s mouth is one of the annoying things that embarrass her because she always resorts to spitting to get rid of the excess saliva present inside the mouth. This happens as a result of the change of hormones during this period. There are different ways to get rid of this saliva.

?   Feet pain and cramps

Many women suffer from foot cramps due to the fetus’s increased weight and its pressure on the uterus and legs.

?   Mouth and ear pain

One of the pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-eighth week is the occurrence of mouth and ear pain due to infections and congestion inside them due to the pregnant woman’s lack of immunity.

?   Frequent urination

One of the most important symptoms of the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy is frequent urination, as the size of the bladder becomes smaller due to the pressure of the fetus on it, which leads to frequent urination during the day.

?   Psychological and mood changes

A pregnant woman in the thirty-eighth week suffers from psychological and mood swings, so she finds herself nervous at times, and calm at other times, also suffers from some fear and anxiety, and she may suffer from birth depressants due to the imminence of her time.

Symptoms of preeclampsia in the 38th week of pregnancy

There are some symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-eighth week that the mother should not be disregarded if she is infected with them and must immediately go to the doctor to give the necessary treatment, and the most important of these symptoms are:

? Feeling of severe and persistent headache

? Feeling weak or blurred vision.

? Feeling sensitive eyes to the light and the inability to lighten them.

? Feeling of pain in the upper abdomen.

? Feeling sick and vomiting sometimes.

All of the above are dangerous symptoms that must be treated immediately. Otherwise, they may threaten the life of the fetus and miscarriage.

38 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, the baby has become larger, resulting in less space to move around inside the mother’s womb. If there are any concerns about the child’s health and development, the mother can choose to have an ultrasound scan. This confirms that the baby’s heartbeat is healthy and checks if the heart rate is within the normal range.

Pregnancy Checklist at 38 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some tips and care for the mother during 38 Weeks Pregnant.

What to do,

? Make sure contractions are regular. Try changing your position to see if it stops because it could easily be false contractions (Braxton Hicks Contraction.

? Stock up in the refrigerator with all the food items so that there is no need to run out of them and get to the food. Prepare for childbirth and breastfeeding by reading pregnancy-related books.

?   What not to do,

? Make sure not to drink alcohol as it can affect the child’s brain development.

? Do not exert yourself in any work as it may lead to shock and fatigue.

?   What should you buy,

Here is a list of items that a mother will need to purchase during this time:

? Breast milk storage bag and breast pump if you are planning to use one

? Baby room essentials, like the crib, changing table and clothes, rocking chair, baby bathtub, and more.

? Baby protection basics like sharp edge bumpers and anti-slip pads under the carpet. As your baby grows, you will need to revise this list to include other things as well.

? Travel essentials like the car seat, stroller, and baby carrier

Nutrition at 38 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Milk:

Milk is one of the most important fluids that you must drink during pregnancy, as it helps speed digestion, strengthens the body, and is an essential fluid rich in calcium, which works on the fetus’s development.

  1. Eggs:

Eggs are among the most important foods that contain many important elements necessary for the mother and the fetus in the thirty-eighth week. It is rich in vitamin B compounds necessary for the formation of the fetus and the growth of its brain. Doctors always advise pregnant women to eat boiled eggs daily during pregnancy, make up for the pregnant body’s deficiency, and get the necessary vitamins.

  1. Yogurt:

Yogurt is one of the most important foods that raise the body’s immunity and increase the immune system’s efficiency because it contains bacteria useful for digestion and colon. It contains zinc necessary to build the tissues of the child’s body, and the nucleic acid is for it and containing calcium, which is necessary for the health of the fetus and mother.

  1. Olive oil:

Olive oil contains the fatty acids necessary for the fetus’s full development, so it is one of the necessary foods that must be eaten in the thirty-eighth week. It also works to strengthen the building of the nervous system of the fetus. It reduces the chances of premature labor, and it also limits high pressure during pregnancy and high blood sugar. Her pregnancy also controls the hormones responsible for uterine contractions.

  1. Fish:

Fish contains the omega-3 component, which is considered unsaturated fatty acids and is essential for a pregnant woman. It works to build the fetus’s body tissues and complete nerve cells and works to build the rest of the fetus’s systems. But if it is consumed too much, it may harm the body because it contains mercury, which may cause serious harm to the mother and the fetus.

  1. Fat-free meat:

Fat-free meat is a major source of iron, one of the most necessary elements for a pregnant woman, especially since pregnant women lose many iron stores in recent months. They need to make up for the body’s necessary deficiency and restore its daily activity and vitality.

  1. Honey bees:

Honey usually increases the efficiency of the immune system of a pregnant woman, so it is one of the essential foods to relieve symptoms of pregnancy in 38 Weeks Pregnant.

  1. Oats and breakfast cereals:

Oats are one of the foods rich in folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, b-complex compounds, and antioxidants, as it is one of the best foods that are recommended in 38 Weeks Pregnant. It also protects the fetus from deformity, reduces constipation in a pregnant woman, and protects the body from heart disease.

  1. Banana and orange:

Bananas are one of the rich foods that the pregnant body needs in recent weeks to provide the body with energy and a group of vitamins, the most important of which is potassium, which is necessary to maintain the mother’s health the child and relieve fatigue and fatigue. It also helps to reduce blood pressure for pregnant women. It is preferable to eat it more than on an empty stomach to take advantage of its many benefits and facilitate food digestion.

Orange is also one of the citrus fruits necessary for a pregnant woman because it contains vitamin C, vitamins, fluids, and fibers. It is necessary to raise the pregnant woman’s immunity and get rid of infections colds. It is considered a safe alternative to various drugs that treat colds. Also, the fibers in oranges are important to remove constipation that she suffers from.

  1. Nuts:

Nuts are important and necessary foods to improve the digestive system’s function, as they contain fibers that reduce constipation and help to get rid of it. They also help reduce blood sugar levels, improve pregnancy pressure, and build the fetus’s mind and various nerve cells. The most important nuts are peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and other different nuts.

Exercises At 38 Weeks Pregnant

Some think that sports for a pregnant woman brings risks to the mother and the fetus and may threaten a miscarriage. Still, it is recommended that all doctors lubricate the body and stimulate blood circulation. It also works to improve the mood and psychological state of the pregnant woman in 28, and the most important of these recommended exercises are:

? swimming sport.

? Yoga and relaxation exercises.

? Walking for at least half an hour.

? Sport stationary cycling.

Any changes that occur to the mother or the fetus after sports should be noted, and in the event of any side effects, the sport should be stopped, and the doctor’s advice should be sought immediately.


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