My dear mother, how are you? I hope I’m not heavy and don’t bother you much; I know these days are not easy.

Maybe meeting you will encourage you – this week, we may have an ultrasound (if the doctor recommends you), and then my weight will also be evaluated. It should be around 2.9kg at this time, which makes me completely ready for delivery now at 37 Weeks Pregnant.

My weight continues to increase, but at a lower rate than in previous months. I am now busy collecting the necessary fats to maintain my body temperature after childbirth.

Get ready, mom, because you too are about to warm me well by hugging me when we finally meet, very soon.

At 37 weeks pregnant, Your Baby is about the size of A PATISON


Length: 48.6 cm

  • 37 weeks pregnant baby sizeYou are in the third trimester.
  • You are in the ninth month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 3

Baby development

  • The thirty-seventh week of pregnancy means the beginning of the ninth month, and the child is almost fully developed.
  • Doctors do not consider the baby to be full until the 39th week of pregnancy.
  • The next two weeks in the womb allow Baby’s brain and lungs to fully mature.
  • The child exercises his facial muscles by practicing expressions such as frowning and frowning. Baby’s nails are reaching the end of their toes now, and they may continue to grow even more.

37 weeks pregnant baby development

  • A baby’s digestive system continues to develop, and it will continue to mature for several years after birth.
  • A baby’s small intestine grows over 100 centimeters in the first year alone.
  • The baby maintains a regular pattern of movement within the womb until its birth.
  • If a change in the child’s movement pattern is noticed, speak to the doctor immediately, or go to the hospital to ensure the child’s safety and health.
  • If you plan a cesarean delivery, your doctor will schedule it no earlier than 39 weeks of pregnancy unless there is a medical reason to intervene earlier.
  • Many children have full head hair at this stage.
  • The baby’s skin becomes red and loses its wrinkled appearance.
  • The baby’s head is facing down into the pelvis.

Mother development

Common changes in the body during pregnancy at 37 Weeks Pregnant include:

False labor (Braxton hicks)

One of the most important and most common symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week is Braxton contractions, which are severe contractions of the uterus that occur intermittently more than once a day.

These contractions help prepare the uterus for childbirth, as they open the pelvic area and stimulate the fetus to descend.

These contractions are very similar to shot contractions. Still, the difference between them is that their intensity is much lighter, non-continuous, and comes at different periods, unlike labor contractions, which are very painful and come every specific period of time, for example, every 5 minutes and the duration decreases to one contraction per minute or less.

37 weeks pregnant mom


Amniotic fluid

There is a decrease in amniotic fluid as the size of the fetus has drained most of the fluid.

37 weeks pregnant Belly Size

By this time, you will experience something called a projection phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs when the baby descends into the pelvis in preparation for labor. Visually, however, this “fall” could not be noticed.

37 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

The symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week are very clear, especially because of the approaching date of birth, and most of these symptoms are more severe than before:

Swollen breasts

The most important symptom of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week is a large swelling of the breasts or an increase in their size due to the placenta sending chemical signals to the mammary glands near the date of the breastfeeding process, which leads to their swelling.

A yellow fluid may also leak, which is the precursor to seborrhea – but if you do not notice it, then there is no need for any concern, as it is not a requirement that it happens to everyone.

Lower pelvic pain

Most pregnant women feel severe pain in the lower pelvis, which is normal, as it is a symptom of the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy. This pain often occurs due to the increased pressure of the fetus on the pelvic area as a result of its weight gain and the large size of the placenta.


Some pregnant women are exposed to hemorrhoids, especially in the last months of pregnancy, due to the increased pressure of the fetus on the pelvic region, which puts pressure on the bladder and rectum area, which leads to the emergence of hemorrhoids, in addition to another important reason which is chronic constipation. Both of them are symptoms of pregnancy In the thirty-seventh week.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

The natural thing in pregnancy is to increase the number of vaginal secretions. Still, they become much more intense, whether inconsistency or rate of secretion, which is among the pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-seventh week.

We advise that you follow up on these secretions because they may indicate labor onset, especially if they are mixed with a little blood or turn brown.

Back and chest pain.

Back and chest pain is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week, as the increased weight of the fetus and the widening of the placenta increases pressure on the muscles of the rib cage and back, which causes severe pain in them, as well as a feeling after rest.

The outflow of placental fluid

One of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week is the occurrence of placental fluid flow, which foretells the imminent occurrence of the date of labor. Pregnant women notice the flow of this amniotic fluid through the descent of some drops of water through the vagina or the presence of wetness in the underwear.

You have to distinguish between the normal flow of the placental fluid and the bursting of the water sac. The first is the descent of only droplets of varying density. They may be simple or medium drops. The bursting of the water bag indicates the start of the labor process and appears in the form of leakage of large quantities of water. Perhaps You notice it descending on the entire lower body.

In addition to the above, there are more symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week, including:

  • Insomnia and the inability to sleep easily, especially on the back.
  • Slight swelling in the extremities of the hands and feet.
  • An increased feeling of burning in the stomach due to the expansion of the placenta and its pressure on the stomach causes the acid and fluid to regurgitate.
  • Frequent urination due to increased pressure of the placenta on the bladder area.
  • Feeling general tiredness, fatigue, and the need for lethargy and rest.
  • Difficulty moving normally due to weight gain; It is normal for the weight to have increased to more than 10: 12 kilograms compared to the beginning of pregnancy.
  • Vomiting with a constant feeling of nausea.
  • Feeling of constant dizziness, especially when standing or moving.

37 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

During 37 Weeks Pregnant, an ultrasound test is mainly done to see that the baby is in the correct birthing position with the head down. Other developments can be tracked during this time, such as heart rate and uterine condition. It is difficult to determine the gender of the child at this stage because the child is almost immobile due to its large size.

Pregnancy Checklist at 37 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some things to keep in mind when pregnant at 37 Weeks Pregnant:

What to do,

Map yourself a route that you can take to the hospital with the least amount of traffic possible.

What not to do,

  • The Nesting Phase occurs when expectant mothers expect a newborn soon-to-be and go into the cleaning frenzy. While you don’t need to suppress this urge, moving around can be difficult, so keep in mind that you need rest. Alternatively, you can have someone else do the work for you!
  • Reduce your caffeine intake as it aggravates insomnia.

What should you buy,

Since a full-term pregnancy is 37 weeks, here are some things you can shop for:

Baby arrives

You have to buy some baby supplies, including baby mattresses, nappies, a blanket, and clothes.

Your comfort

The birth process can take a while and can be uncomfortable, which is why you can provide yourself with your comfortable books, pillow, and cosmetic kit to take to the hospital.

Nutrition at 37 Weeks Pregnant

Foods, in general, are a double-edged sword, as they are either of great benefit or cause serious damage. The main factor determining their role is how we use them, so we recommend paying attention to eating healthy foods and avoiding harmful foods. Below is a list of the most important foods that have been proven effective in mitigating the effects of Pregnancy nausea, which is the main symptom of pregnancy:

One of the most effective ways to relieve pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-seventh week is eating beneficial foods and taking advantage of their various natural properties. Here is a list of the most important of these foods:

Whole grains

Most types of whole grains contain a large amount of selenium and fiber, which both play a major role in treating constipation naturally.

A pregnant woman can adopt a diet rich in whole grains by eating an adequate amount of the following foods: whole wheat, oat flakes, and corn grains.

Dairy products

Dairy products are one of the most important foods that play a major role in relieving pregnancy’s unpleasant symptoms, especially bone and muscle pain and the inability to move normally. It is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week.

 It contains a very large percentage of protein and calcium, which helps build muscles and strengthen them and make them more solid.

Foods full of natural fiber

Foods full of natural fibers, such as apples, bananas, spinach, potatoes, avocados, prunes, broccoli, and pumpkin, help improve digestion and calm the stomach, thus relieving constipation, especially because of its great role in stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria that maintain the regularity of intestinal movement.

Various meats

Feeling dizzy and general fatigue is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week. It often occurs because pregnant women lose a large proportion of iron, which must be quickly compensated to control the feeling of fatigue and avoid any complications during childbirth, as its deficiency threatens to cause bleeding and pregnant women to need a blood transfusion.

Therefore, meats of all kinds of red and white meats, such as poultry and birds, are among the most important foods that a pregnant woman should be careful to eat daily because they contain high levels of iron.


Legumes of all kinds (beans – lentils – chickpeas – cowpeas) are very important foods for pregnant women. They are a good source to get many important materials that your holder needs; Like folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. It also contains high levels of fiber and protein that are very important to strengthen the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus.

Natural herbs

Herbal drinks: Consuming natural herbal tea, especially anise, and the mint contributes significantly to relieving pregnancy nausea and giving a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Natural herbs, especially those that can be taken in the form of warm drinks, such as anise, mint, and chamomile, have a great role in relieving uterine contractions, which are one of the most important symptoms—pregnancy at 37 Weeks Pregnant.

Ginger: Drinking ginger tea is one of the most important drinks in relieving pregnancy nausea, and ginger can be grated and eaten fresh with salad also for the same purpose.


Fruits of various kinds contain many useful substances that relieve pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-seventh week, for example, guava, oranges, tangerines, and mangoes, containing high levels of vitamin C, which helps in the treatment of anemia by increasing the absorption of iron from the body. They also help in a Powerful immunity booster.

While apples, pears, and avocados contain a lot of natural fibers that help treat constipation and regulate digestion.

Bananas: Bananas are high in potassium, which is beneficial in reducing the severity of pregnancy nausea.

Banned foods in the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy

Many forbidden foods must be avoided permanently during pregnancy, including the last months, because they have many harmful effects, including:

  • Processed foods: Such as processed meats, such as pastrami, luncheon meat, sausages, and burgers.
  • Raw, unpasteurized foods, such as sushi, and herring in addition to unpasteurized milk and cheeses, due to containing salmonella bacteria.
  • Fish that contain high levels of mercury, such as tuna and mackerel.
  • Foods high in vitamin A: all kinds of liver, carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, salmon, and caviar.
  • Caffeinated beverages include tea, coffee, and soft drinks.
  • Food and drinks stimulate uterine contraction: such as fenugreek and cinnamon, and the same applies to dates, pasta, pineapple, and papaya for foods.

Exercises At 37 Weeks Pregnant

Exercising for a pregnant woman is necessary, especially since exercise, in general, helps stimulate blood circulation, and it also greatly reduces the severity of pregnancy symptoms.

Among the most popular exercises that have been proven effective in relieving pregnancy symptoms, especially pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-seventh week, the focus of our conversation today is the following:

Light walking exercises

Light walking for at least half an hour a day contributes to relieving severe muscle pain because it increases its elasticity. Walking has other benefits, as it helps widen the cervix and thus increases the chances of a natural delivery.

Pilates exercises

Pilates helps to get rid of pain, especially in the lower area of ??the body, and therefore it is very useful for treating pain in the lower pelvis and lower back.

Push exercises

Pushing exercises of all kinds (pushing the wall – pushing the feet and lifting them back) help relieve bone and muscle pain, preparing a pregnant woman for the process of pushing during childbirth.

Yoga exercises

Yoga increases the flexibility of the joints. Therefore, it is one of the most useful exercises for a pregnant woman in general and a useful exercise in relieving symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-seventh week, especially associated with muscle stiffness and severe pain.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises help a pregnant woman be more relaxed, which relieves her from feeling tired and exhausted and reduces the tension and anxiety that increase in intensity with the approaching due date.


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