Hello dear mom, How are you? You won’t believe the pace at which I grow up here in your Belly, practically until week 37. Growing up is the only thing I will do. By the time you are 34 Weeks Pregnant, you will be in the middle of the eighth month of pregnancy by counting the months.

This period is one of the very defining periods in the life of a pregnant woman because she is about to finish her pregnancy experience permanently, at a time when she is on the threshold of a new phase in which there are responsibilities. It is the qualification and preparation period for the big event in which not much time is left.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A ZUCCHINI

34 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight:2100g

Length: 45 cm


  • You are in the third trimester.
  • You are in the eighth month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 6

Baby development

  • Babies born in the 34th week of pregnancy and have no other health problems can survive and grow well outside the womb.
  • The baby continues to grow, develop, gain weight, and gain layers of fats, which help him regulate his body temperature after birth.
  • A baby in the 34th week of pregnancy can recognize the mother’s voice because the cochlear that sends messages to the brain has become more mature.
  • Research shows that if a mother sings to the baby before birth, he will likely calm down and compose the same song after birth, and this is a great way to bond emotionally with the baby as well.

34 weeks pregnant baby development

  • Baby skin is smoother than ever, and the baby’s skin turns pink instead of red.
  • The baby’s central nervous system is maturing, and the lungs are still maturing.
  • It will likely settle in the head-down position of the baby at this stage of pregnancy.
  • Fingernails reach the ends of the fingers, but the toenails are not yet fully developed.
  • The child may have a lot of hair, and he may not move much due to the limited space.

Mother development

Week 34 will bring its challenges, and this week you will witness another set of changes in the body during pregnancy.


Hemorrhoids are caused by factors such as constipation and hormonal activity during pregnancy. Like last week, you run the risk of developing painful lumps in the anal or perineum. Medicines and Kegel exercises are options to get some relief from those pains.

Discharge from the vagina:

Another common symptom that mucous membranes secrete in preparation for childbirth. This is caused by an influx of estrogen, which stimulates blood circulation around the vagina.

Swollen feet:

Your feet and ankles may continue to swell due to the accumulation of all the fluid in them. Choose comfortable shoes with soft padding to relieve swollen feet.

Stretch marks in the skin:

It is worse for fair-skinned than dark-skinned people. If you are at 34 weeks pregnant, this cannot be avoided. However, the extent of the effect on your skin can be reduced by increasing your weight under medical supervision in a healthy way.

Discharge from the breast:

Your body makes colostrum ready for the birth of your baby, and it can happen and leakage into the breast early. Wearing absorbent napkins inside the chest holders protects the garment to avoid embarrassing situations.

34 weeks pregnant mom

34 weeks pregnant Belly Size

At 34 Weeks Pregnant, you can expect your abdomen to extend about 45 cm from the top of the uterus to the lower pelvis. It is interesting to note that the volume of amniotic fluid is much higher at this stage than at any other time during pregnancy. Your uterus is now 1,000 times larger than it was before pregnancy.

34 Weeks Pregnant symptoms


The uterus currently takes up all of the abdominal space, forcing the intestine to converge into a narrow area. This will tend to make your bowel movements somewhat irregular. You should drink enough fiber and water to relieve constipation.


Gas and bloating are very common during pregnancy due to the slowing down of digestion and anxiety, further aggravating the situation. Try some breathing exercises to relieve stress.


Carrying all this extra weight and lack of sleep causes cramps in the painful leg.

breathing difficulties:

It is a frequent symptom of pregnancy in the recent period, and it occurs because of the pressure on your lungs by the uterus, and thus you cannot breathe easily. Avoid activities like jogging, climbing stairs, etc., if you have shortness of breath.

Stay up all night.

Anxiety, cramps, bloating, and constipation will keep you awake all night long. If you are unable to sleep, try watching TV or reading a book.

Signs of premature labor in the 34th week of pregnancy

  • The presence of spasms that are similar to those of blood circulation.
  • The presence of mild pain in the lower back, and although back pain is one of the most common symptoms in 34 Weeks Pregnant, early pregnancy pain is from the beginning of the lower back and may spread to the abdomen area.
  • Abdominal pain and diarrhea that leads to uterine cramps if it continues.
  • The fluid of vaginal secretions increases dramatically, and its color may also change to pink or brown.
  • Contractions happen every ten minutes.
  • Feeling of pressure in the pelvis as the fetus is trying to exit and it could be due to the need to have a bowel movement.
  • Uterine contractions, which are different from the normal symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-fourth week, so a pregnant woman feels at least five contractions during one hour.

Tips for preventing premature labor in the 34th week of pregnancy

  • It is imperative to visit the doctor when there are symptoms of pregnancy that are worth worrying about.
  • Spacing the load from the other.
  • Follow a healthy diet, and eat foods that contain unsaturated fats, found in fish, grains, and nuts. This reduces the risk of premature labor.
  • Taking medications that prevent premature labor. Doctors recommend taking hydroxyprogesterone if a pregnant woman had preceded premature labor.
  • Sleep on the side, if you haven’t already, and this advice includes napping during the day and sleeping at night.

34 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Having ultrasound scans every two weeks is a necessary procedure at this point. Your doctor may even prescribe an effortless test or biophysical profile to see if there is any breathing or heart problem in the fetus. The scan can show you your baby’s movements in real-time, such as breathing or moving around the womb. You can also see the intimate details of the face and body with a 3D ultrasound test if you want.

Pregnancy Checklist at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Here are a collection of activities that you should and should not do during pregnancy:

What to do,

  • Get some exercises to ensure your baby is in the perfect position for birth, face down and face toward the spine. Some exercises use a chair or birthing ball, so you can work it out by keeping your pelvis tilted forward.
  • It may be a good idea if you go to the hospital you are considering giving birth at. Take a look at the labor and delivery wards of the hospital and complete any papers you may need.

What not to do,

  • Following a strict diet is not fun, and during the third trimester, it is completely dangerous. Both you and your baby need a lot more food than usual, so cutting out will lead to complications. Instead, ignore unhealthy foods like alcohol and spicy food.
  • Don’t forget to do Kegel exercises, and don’t feel embarrassed about them! Kegel exercises make the pelvic floor stronger. They can relieve pain caused by cramps and hemorrhoids. Additionally, this exercise improves the chances of smooth delivery. You can also perform pelvic tilt exercises, which can help relieve any back pain.

What should you buy,

  • Make sure your baby has a nice warm home to go to after the birth, whether he/she is spending his time in your room or his room. Maternity clothes are always first on your purchase list, and there are many stylish options available.
  • Keep adequate stocks of diapers, bottles, nursing bras, and baby clothes. Buying a small stroller will make it easy for you to take your baby home or always be there. As the time approaches, do your best to stay calm by talking to your friends and family. You almost crossed the finish line, so keep them healthy habits you made so far to have a smooth delivery.

Nutrition at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Nutritional elements and supplements that reduce symptoms of pregnancy in the 34th week

vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the rapid growth of the baby’s cells, reduces pregnancy symptoms in 34 Weeks Pregnant, and helps the absorption of iron from plant sources. It has been proven that women with low levels of vitamin C in the blood are more likely to have low blood pressure, fluid, and protein retention in the urine.

You’ll find vitamin C in multicolored fruits and vegetables, such as green and red peppers, oranges, kiwis, broccoli, and grapefruit.


Calcium strengthens bones and reduces bone spasms. You can take calcium supplements to get adequate intake.

Calcium is found in dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk and other sources such as tahini, chickpeas, beans, tofu, and some types of fish.


It is another mineral that is important for bone health. It helps the body use protein and energy and regulate blood sugar levels and improve nerve and muscle functions.

Foods rich in magnesium include nuts, legumes, and whole grains, and dark green fiber.


A general multivitamin lacks choline, but it can be found in salmon, eggs, beans, skim milk, beef liver, chicken, and turkey.


The fatty acids found in fatty fish are important during pregnancy, and omega-3 supplements can be taken if the diet lacks omega-3 and is found in fish, such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel.

Pregnant woman’s diet during the 34th week of pregnancy

Following the diet is important to prevent health problems such as premature labor, weight gain, anemia, and the rest of the symptoms of the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy. It maintains the pregnant woman’s health in general, so it is recommended to eat at least 2,400 calories per day because a pregnant woman during this period provides food for two people. These calories must include the following foodstuffs:

Fats and oils

Fats are important for increasing body energy, so pregnant women are advised to eat adequate amounts of healthy fats.


Carbohydrates have a great benefit in providing full energy to the body, and among the most important carbohydrates, food items are bread, rice, pasta, and grains.

Dairy products

Dairy products provide the body with phosphorus, calcium, and protein.

fruits and vegetables

It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables daily, as they are foods rich in iron, folic acid, and other vitamins.

Foods recommended At the 34th week of pregnancy


Fish contains protein and iron, which are important during pregnancy, as iron deficiency leads to anemia, which causes a pregnant woman to feel tired.

Red meat

Red meat contains proteins and minerals that reduce symptoms of pregnancy in 34 Weeks Pregnant.

the banana

It is a great source of minerals and vitamins, as it is rich in potassium and calcium, which makes it a must to put in the diet and relieving symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-fourth week constipation and enhancing digestion.

Peanut Butter

Although many people object to the opposite, it is still an important part of a pregnant woman’s diet because it contains omega-3.


Oranges contain vitamin C and a good source of fiber, so it is recommended to consume it as a fruit and not to consume it as a juice.

Foods to stay away from At the 34th week of pregnancy

Unpasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk should be avoided during 34 Weeks Pregnant because the milk is not sufficiently processed to be consumed, and goat milk should also be avoided.

Fish that contain mercury

Mercury causes complications in the body, so you must choose fish that have the required nutritional value.

Processed meats

These meats are strictly prohibited for pregnant women, as they cause many of the symptoms of pregnancy in the acute thirty-fourth week that are indispensable. Those meats are not limited to the thirty-fourth week but throughout the pregnancy.

Fried foods

Fried foods add little to the diet in terms of nutritional value and can cause digestive problems and heartburn.

Cheese that is made using molds

This cheese is harmful to the health of the woman and the fetus, and if a pregnant woman wants to eat cheese; She can eat cheddar cheese.

Drinks that reduce pregnancy symptoms At the 34th week of pregnancy

  • The ginger drink helps treat stomach infections.
  • Fennel drink, which also helps relieve stomach infections.
  • Licorice, which can be drunk before meals.
  • Cumin drinks, and do not worry, it will not negatively affect pregnancy.
  • Lemon juice with a spoonful of honey to treat spin.
  • Do not forget to drink enough water, to prevent dehydration, moisturize the body, and reduce symptoms in 34 Weeks Pregnant; Dehydration can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Drinks to Avoid At 34th week of pregnancy


Especially in 34 Weeks Pregnant, it may cause complications during childbirth.

Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which may cause constipation and stomach problems.

Star anise

Although star anise is one of the most common drinks a pregnant woman drinks, it has proven to be toxic to pregnant women.

Herbs reduce pregnancy symptoms in 34th week


However, care must be taken when preparing it. It must be eaten and edited correctly. To avoid exposure to problems, the best way is to soak it in water for five minutes and have the water boiled, but without boiling it, as the Al-Ali process may cause the oils to present in the beneficial sage to be converted into toxic oils.


Chamomile is rich in calcium, which helps in sleeping properly. In addition to it reduces knee and joint pain, and it should be soaked and not boiled.

Red raspberry leaves

It is one of the most popular products available, and it is in the form of bags, which is important for the pregnant woman as it reduces the symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-fourth week, and it is rich in iron as well.

Dangerous herbs for pregnancy in the 34th week

Jasmine blossoms, which increases uterine contractility and may lead to premature labor.

Rosemary may cause a break in the uterine wall that leads to premature labor. Although it contains antioxidants, no, it is not allowed for pregnant women.

Aloe vera, which may cause birth defects if taken by mouth, but there is no problem with using it to moisturize the body. It is safe in this case.

Exercises At 34 Weeks Pregnant

  • For most pregnant women, moderate-intensity exercises are recommended for at least half an hour to alleviate pregnancy symptoms in the 34th week of most days of the week. Walking is the best exercise for beginners. There are many other options such as swimming, aerobics, steady degree riding, and yoga.
  • Squatting exercises, especially in the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy, reduce back pain, reduce constipation, and increase the size of the pelvis, which leads to natural childbirth.
  • While exercising, you must drink a lot of water. To avoid dehydration.

Instructions depending on the level of fitness

  • If you are a beginner, you can start with ten minutes first, gradually increasing to reach half an hour per day.
  • If you exercised before pregnancy, you could continue exercising at the same level.
  • If you are not sure about activity during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor.

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