My dear mother, Being 32 weeks pregnant, I’m now so big and the space in the womb is narrow, so you’ll feel I’m moving less. Yes, it’s getting cramped for me here. The whole big world will soon be my home, not the womb, as I continue to mature as this day approaches. Hold on; I know you feel heavy. This is worth the trouble.

With the entry of a pregnant woman in 32 Weeks Pregnant, you will have begun the journey of completing her most important projects ever, which is the birth of a child for the family, which is the period in which the symptoms of the burden of pregnancy on the mother intensify.

She derives her strength and tolerance for all that suffering from the maternal instinct that God placed within her and her joy Nearing the arrival of the newborn.

At 32 Weeks Pregnant, things have evolved a lot 

  • the mother and the new symptoms she is going through.
  • The fetus continues to complete its formation and growth in calculated steps and according to a specific development until it comes to the world and has completed its growth and organs. It is time to start life on earth.

At 32 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of AN EGGPLANT

32 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight:1700g

Length: 42.4 cm


  • You are in the third trimester
  • You are in the eighth month
  • The remaining number of weeks: 8

Baby development

  • Babies who are born early in 32 Weeks Pregnant have a good chance of survival, although they may need help breathing at first because the lungs will not fully develop until just before birth.
  • Baby’s fingernails and toenails are now fully formed, and he may scratch himself if he feels itchy.
  • Baby’s hair is getting thicker, although it may fall out after birth.
  • The baby may be ready for birth at this stage by pointing his head down into the womb, but do not worry if he has not yet assumed this position.

32 weeks pregnant baby development

  • Most babies are in a head-down position by week 36, so there is still plenty of time for them to face down.
  • The baby fills nearly all the space in the womb but still has enough room for movement.
  • A layer of fat forms under the skin of the child, and he opens his eyes and breathes.
  • If the pregnancy is a boy, the testicles move to the scrotum, and sometimes one or both testicles do not transfer until after birth. This is not a cause for concern, as the position of the undescended testicles is often corrected before the child completes his first year.

Mother development

You will experience a host of changes in the body during 32 Weeks Pregnant. But don’t worry, as it can be controlled to some extent:

Increase blood volume: Supporting two lives is not easy with the amount of blood circulation you had before, so your body makes about fifty percent more blood so that you and your baby are healthy.

Swollen feet: Edema in your feet and ankles will be more frequent due to the accumulation of excess water in those areas. Buying comfortable shoes to fit your sore feet is a must during this period.

Change in nipple color: Your nipples will become much darker because your breasts are preparing for feeding after childbirth. This is due to the antibacterial oils produced by the nipples to keep the area sterile.

Leaking breasts: Your breasts are preparing to feed your baby. Colostrum may leak from your nipples frequently, so be sure to wear padded, waterproof bras if you have to go out.

32 weeks pregnant mom


Excess vaginal secretions: Your vagina prepares for childbirth by preparing a thick mucous layer around the walls to keep it elastic. Since this may be uncomfortable, make sure you always carry sanitary pads in your bag.

32 weeks pregnant Belly Size

At 32 Weeks Pregnant, your belly is 28 to 36 cm, from top to bottom. Around this time, your baby will fall into the pelvic cavity in preparation for birth, causing your belly to rise much lower than before. Sometimes, this drop occurs during labor.

32 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

There are many pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-second week that a pregnant woman notices, and there are many changes between the symptoms of pregnancy for the previous weeks and the symptoms of the thirty-second week of pregnancy. The symptoms are more severe and severe, with the emergence of many new symptoms in preparation for childbirth, and we find that the most important of these The following symptoms: –

1- Fatigue and extreme exhaustion

A pregnant woman appears weak and very tired due to the heavy pregnancy and the weight of the fetus, which is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-second week.

2- Weight gain

A pregnant woman notices that she has gained a lot of weight during the thirty-second week of pregnancy due to the increased weight of the fetus and the abundance of fluids in her body. The woman’s weight increases from 8 to 12 kilograms during pregnancy from its beginning to its end, but this week there is a noticeable increase in weight.

3- Difficulty breathing

One of the most difficult pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-second week is that a pregnant woman develops severe shortness of breath and great difficulty. This is because the fetus is compressing the diaphragm of a pregnant woman, which makes her find it very difficult to breathe. She needs exercises to increase breathing and relaxation.

4- Nasal congestion and cold

Among the most common symptoms of the thirty-second week of pregnancy is cold and nasal congestion, resulting from the increased estrogen hormone in a pregnant woman.

5- Constipation

Constipation is one of the symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-second week, the most common when pregnant. There is difficulty in the pregnant woman in the process of excreting. Therefore, the pregnant woman must eat foods rich in fiber, drink a lot of fluids, increase the share of vegetables in her food, and increase the consumption of curd or Yogurt daily, and you should make sure to eat fruits like kiwi.

6- Heartburn

One of the most important symptoms of the thirty-second week of pregnancy that most pregnant women suffer from, and they strive in various ways to reduce or eliminate their severity. You should avoid consuming caffeine, soft drinks, smoking, and staying away from sugars, legumes, preserved foods, citrus fruits, and any food that causes a pregnant woman to have an allergy.

7- Pelvic pain

A pregnant woman feels some light acidity pains and some cramps. So you should be careful to wear loose-fitting clothes and put pillows behind the back while sitting with the legs raised, lie down and rest completely, not to carry or move heavy objects, do light exercise, and stay away from strenuous exercises.

32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The 32nd-week ultrasound test is very important as it can tell you many details, such as:

Fetal growth: Your doctor will be able to find out if the baby is growing normally.

Internal bleeding: Occasionally, the placenta ruptures, causing internal bleeding.

Fetal position: Your baby needs to be head down toward the cervix, but sometimes it can be in the reverse position.

You may also get a 3D ultrasound scan to observe your baby’s face and body’s fine details. Ultrasound is not mandatory unless you are at risk or are already facing complications like diabetes, obesity, pelvic pain, etc.

Pregnancy Checklist at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some tips that can help you navigate this stage of pregnancy.

What to do,

  • Since babies can survive outside the womb after this point in the pregnancy, you may want to make some preparations for a premature birthright away. Another thing to consider is the method that you will use in childbirth for pain relief. There are many, but you can turn them down if you want a natural, drug-free birth.
  • Keep a set of nappies, blankets, and pillows ready for your baby.

What not to do,

  • Don’t forget to pack your things when getting ready to take a bag to the hospital. Keep some sanitary napkins as you will need to use them after birth.
  • Don’t neglect your exercises, especially swimming or yoga, as they are ideal for relieving back, rib, or pelvic pain.

What should you buy,

Now you can plan how to decorate your little one’s room. Buy maternity dresses and bras, and clothes for the postpartum period—stock up on baby bottles, nappies, medicated powder, and small soft toys. You can also purchase a mini stroller to take your baby around the house or take a walk outside.

Nutrition at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Foods important for preventing anemia

The symptoms of pregnancy intensify in the thirty-second week. Great changes occur to the pregnant woman, including weakness and anemia due to iron deficiency, which is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-second week. You should pay attention to foods you eat and the proportion of foods containing iron, such as; Dried fruits such as apricots, and eating dried beans.

Make sure to eat egg yolks and whole grains such as; Oats, brown flour, brown rice, bulgur, buckwheat, and popcorn, eat freshly cooked meat, tuna, and more vegetables, kale, and spinach, be sure to eat well-boiled beans and chicken.

Important foods to treat digestive problems such as reflux, acidity, and indigestion and contribute to relieving symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-second week are: –

1- Oats

Pregnant women suffer from acidity, reflux, and indigestion. We find that oats are one of the best foods that help reduce stomach acidity and relieve reflux.

2- Ginger

In addition to ginger, one of the most important and wonderful foods in solving many digestive problems and helping pregnant women eliminate indigestion and treat stomach infections.

3- Bananas

Bananas are one of the most important foods for the digestive system, and they help a pregnant woman get rid of acidity and some digestive problems.

Foods that help eliminate constipation

Constipation is most common in most pregnant women. So, pregnant women can rely on some foods to prevent constipation while staying away from any medications or drugs.


It is one of the most important foods that a pregnant woman should eat during pregnancy. It helps eliminate constipation because it contains beneficial bacteria for the stomach and some yeasts, which contribute to facilitating the process of excretion.

Pay attention to parsley, dill, chamomile, mint, ginger, and cumin to eliminate flatulence and flatulence.

Exercises At 32 Weeks Pregnant

At 32 Weeks Pregnant, Pregnant women are exposed to many pressures and problems during pregnancy, which makes them in a very difficult psychological state, and suffers from insomnia, tension, anxiety, and depression.

Hence, exercise is very important for a pregnant woman in reducing pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-second week and enjoying good health and fitness. Among the most important exercises for a pregnant woman, which helps her reduce pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-second week, are: –

1- Push exercises

It’s one of the best exercises that are suitable for a pregnant woman. It works to

  • strengthen the legs of the legs
  • strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles
  • help the pregnant woman withstand back pain and pregnancy weight
  • help increase blood circulation in the legs and protect them from any infections.

2- Pilates exercises

Pilates is one of the best exercises that a pregnant woman should practice in the last weeks of pregnancy. It helps reduce back pain, relieve pressure on the back, and relieve muscle pain and inflammation during pregnancy.

3- Yoga

pregnant woman, be interested in practicing yoga to get

  • Comfort and relaxation.
  • Rid of shortness of breath.
  • A healthy respiratory system, in addition to breathing exercises.

4- Cardio exercises

A pregnant woman should do regular cardio exercises at least once a week to :

  • increase blood circulation in the body
  • strengthen muscles
  • get rid of lower back pain
  • help reduce labor pain
  • relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy thirty-second week.

5- Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups are one of the best important and wonderful exercises that help alleviate pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-second week. They work to strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms and help the movement of the rest of the body. This contributes greatly to the facilitation of the birth process significantly and safely.

6- Swimming

The pregnant woman is interested in swimming as it:

  • strengthens the muscles of the legs
  • gives her flexibility
  • strengthens the joints 
  • strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis

Of course, you should be away from excessive swimming.

It’s recommended to use swimming in the last weeks of pregnancy to facilitate the birth process and to be able to give birth naturally.

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