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Pregnancy Week by Week

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34th Week of Pregnancy – Looks Every Bit a Baby

The last few weeks of pregnancy are regarded as the best time to organize the baby shower. And while the games, merry-making and pampering will make you feel a tad better, you are secretly wishing for this to get over soon. We don’t blame you! The aches and pains are enough to push you to the edge. Baby’s Development By ... Read More »

33 Weeks – Building On Immunity

As you wait to cuddle your bundle of joy in your hands, you can do nothing but wait to see how he grows and how your progressing pregnancy changes your body bringing in more discomfort along. Here’s what the 33rd week of pregnancy has in store for you and your baby. Baby’s Development Speaking about weight, your little one has ... Read More »

The 32nd Week – No More Kickboxing

A few weeks ago, you’d jump at every kick or somersault you could feel sometimes letting others touch your tummy to experience the same. At this stage, you of course will be able to feel more movement, but it is light; just a few rolls, taps and squirms here and there. With your little one growing taller and fatter, there ... Read More »

31st Week of Pregnancy

As the development on most of the internal system nears completion, the fetus now focuses on adding weight and height. Baby’s Development This week your baby measures more than 16 inches in length and weighs three-plus pounds. He is most likely to put on another 3-5 pounds before D-day. The arms, the feet, the face and the body in general ... Read More »

The 30th Week – Baby’s Getting Bigger and Brainier

By now you have a nice rounded belly announcing your pregnancy. No doubt your baby is growing bigger and the quarters are getting tighter. However, your size is also because of the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus; there’s almost a pint and half in there. Baby’s Development Your baby’s between 15.5 inches and 16 inches long now and weighs a ... Read More »

The 29th Week – The Brain Work

The fetal development has really picked up speed. All the organs, senses and functions that are a must for your baby to survive independently are all in place. His body is only adding the finishing touches, improving and enhancing them. So, should your baby arrive earlier than expected, there are chances he might survive without external support or might require ... Read More »

The 28th Week – Gearing up For D-Day

The 28th week marks the start of the last trimester. You’ve started stocking up the nursery, writing out your birth plan and making a list of the things you will likely carry to the hospital in preparation of the birth. But, you’re not only one getting ready for D-day. Your little one is working hard on his end too. Baby’s ... Read More »

27th Week – Getting Into the Sleep Schedule

A week more and you will be in the last leg of your pregnancy. While your baby is busy exploring the limited territory of your womb flexing his legs, sucking his fingers and opening his eyes, you are going to experience some new symptoms too. Here’s what the 27th week of pregnancy has in store for you. Baby’s Development Your ... Read More »

The 26th Week of Pregnancy – Those Pretty Blue Eyes

At week 26 weeks, you are just two weeks away from the third trimester. Your baby’s body is doing its best to equip him for the outside world, but the pregnancy has started catching up on you. The nagging backaches and the swelling feet are giving you hard time. Baby’s Development Your baby’s getting bigger. He is heavier at 2 ... Read More »

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