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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Week 5 of Pregnancy – Start of the Growth

Yes, at 5th week, the growth of the embryo starts officially. Till now the embryo has been just a small mass made of cells. But now this mass will start forming some shape. Although it will not be a clear one where you can identify all the organs, it will be just the start. A formation of the neural tube ... Read More »

Tips for Sound Sleep While Pregnant

Another sleepless night! You got up to use the bathroom and when you got back into bed, there was not a wink of sleep. You tried to shut your eyes tight. You rolled, twisted and turned trying to get comfortable. But, sleep continued to remain elusive. Mounting the troubles is an aching back. You’re having a hard time coping with ... Read More »

7 Common Issues with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding strengthens the bond between the mother and child. But, it comes with its own share of challenges. There are various breastfeeding issues that can make nursing a baby an ordeal for both the mother and child. This article addresses the various issues with breastfeeding. It also enlists solutions to cope with them. Swollen Breasts Around 72 hours or up ... Read More »

Vaccinations During Pregnancy: The Safe And Unsafe

Getting up-to-date on immunizations is the first thing a doctor advises a woman trying to conceive. However, statistics prove that a vast majority of women visit the obstetrician’s office only after they get pregnant. Thus, many women are not aware and have not received all the shots needed to reduce their susceptibility to diseases. Can they be vaccinated during pregnancy? ... Read More »

Preconception Checkup: Be Prepared for the Following Questions

A preconception checkup is in many cases a woman’s first visit to the obstetrician’s office. It is natural to get apprehensive about this first meeting with the doctor. Would it be a question-answer session only or would it involve a physical examination too?  If you’re stuck in such a sticky situation and don’t know who to look up to for ... Read More »

Facts About Folic Acid

Once you’ve tested positive for pregnancy, your obstetrician prescribes a list of vitamin and mineral supplements to be taken during the next nine months. In this list is included the name folic acid. Not only this, a woman trying to conceive is often advised to increase her intake of Folic acid. We pop in the pills in their prescribed dosage ... Read More »

Top 8 Pregnancy Fears… Are They Worth Worrying About?

From the moment a woman learns of her pregnancy, she finds herself grappling with a new set of worries. Some of these pregnancy jitters are completely valid and deserve a thought. But, also lurking in this crowd are a few illogical and irrational fears. They find their origin in myths, past experiences or let’s blame it on the hormones. Check ... Read More »

Kick Counts – How To Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Movements

The most exciting moment in your pregnancy is when your little peanut starts to move around. A kick-boxer in the training it seems! His acrobatics in your stomach disturb your sleep, but you don’t mind. For every time you feel those tiny movements you’re relieved that all’s well with your baby. It’s true! Doctors recommend keeping a track of the ... Read More »

Morning Sickness: The Flip side of Pregnancy

Morning sickness is the most conspicuous symptom of pregnancy. Almost every second woman experiences bouts of nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. A selected few continue to suffer until their delivery. Morning sickness starts between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy. It starts as soon as a woman conceives. Although it is called morning sickness, the nauseous feeling ... Read More »

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