The 6th week marks a milestone in your pregnancy. At this gestational age, the onset of pregnancy symptoms makes you feel pregnant in the real sense. The 6th week of pregnancy is also marked by crucial baby development. The heart starts chugging while the central nervous system is in its development stage.

Get a deeper insight into what life is like for the mother and her unborn child at 6 weeks of pregnancy. 

How is your baby growing?

Well, he or she is growing rapidly.

  • The embryo is roughly the size of a sweet pea and measures ¼ inch in length from the crown to its rump.
  • The baby’s face begins to take shape. The facial features including the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the chin, cheeks and jaws develop and are distinctly visible on an ultrasound. The eyes resemble black dots and the ears shallow depressions.
  • The body develops a faint C-shape. It sprouts arms and leg buds. They look like stubs protruding from the body. The baby also starts moving, but the movements are not strong enough to be felt by the mother.
  • The heart starts pumping blood and circulates it throughout the body. The heart beats at a rapid 100-160 times per minute increasing every day.
  • Another major development occurring during the 6th week is the development of the brain, the spine and the nervous system. The neural tube grows into the spinal column. The baby also produces blocks of tissues that will grow to form the kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines and pancreas.

Changes to your Body

6 weeks is a little early and you won’t start showing so soon. However, you definitely have to be prepared for a few discomfort causing pregnancy symptoms. They are:

  • Morning Sickness – Although it is called morning sickness, the queasy feeling may stick with you throughout the day.
  • Frequent Urination – The kidneys are working quickly and more efficiently to eliminate body wastes. To add to its efforts, is your uterus. The growing uterus exerts pressure on the bladder compelling you to use the bathroom frequently.
  • Dizziness – It is because of lowered blood pressure.
  • Mood swings – The fluctuations in the hormones can make you an emotional wreck- cranky and irritable.
  • Fatigue – It’s the hormones again. They make you feel wiped out.
  • Weight loss – Nausea and vomiting are the causes of weight loss in pregnant women in the early trimester. It is normal. However ensure that it does not drop below the normal level.
  • Tender Breasts – The breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. The increased blood flow to the breast tissues and the constantly changing levels of hormones cause sore breasts. The nipples also become more prominent.

Along with all the above mentioned symptoms you may experience abdominal bloating, heartburn and constipation. Expectant women also develop a strong sense of smell, one like a hound dog and can pick up scents and smells at a distance. The food cravings also set in. On the contrary, women with their highly sensitive sense of smell may develop food aversions.

How should you Prepare?

This is the stage when most of the baby’s vital organs develop. Therefore, you should be particularly careful of the food you eat. You should take your prenatal vitamins regularly. The folic acid supplement is the most important. 600 mcg per day is the recommended dosage. Get enough of rest and sleep.

You should also prepare for your first prenatal appointment. Prepare a list of the questions you need to ask your practitioner.

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