You won’t believe it but in the first week you have not even formed your embryo yet. Unbelievable isn’t it? But it’s true. The medical experts believe that the first week of pregnancy starts 14 days after the date of your last period. So the first week of pregnancy, nobody is sure whether you have conceived a baby or not. Also there are not many changes taking place inside the body. Only the endometrium also known as the inner lining of the uterus starts to thicken so that it’s ready for implantation. This thickening is due to increased secretion of hormone called progesterone. The egg that has formed is still in the ovaries.

The Science Behind Getting Pregnant

Ovulation is a process that every woman undergoes every month once she reaches her puberty. Some women have a 28 day cycle while some have 31 day cycles. The actual ovulation takes place in the middle of the cycle, generally 14 days after your last period. It’s obvious therefore that conception of the baby will also occur around this time of the cycle. So this is considered to be the first day of your pregnancy. The estimated due date is calculated according to your last period.

The main purpose of week 1 or Day 1 in this case is to help doctors to calculate the estimated due date for you. Although you need to make sure that you eat well and have ideal weight if you are planning to conceive this month.

It would be nice to know that this is the period where sperm is waiting for your eggs to come out of the ovary. Your ovaries produce eggs in large amount (as high as 150) all waiting to get matured as all of them are capable enough. If you are trying to get pregnant, only one out of these 150 eggs would get fertilized while others will act nourishment purpose to the one that was able to get ripe.

Basal Body Temperature

You must have heard about this term a lot more time than you would want from various sources. But have you ever wondered what exactly is it and how it helps in the process of conceiving. Basal body temperature is that temperature that is taken before you start your movement for the day. You don’t eat anything when you take this temperature and don’t get up from bed also. When you are in a fertile stage your basal body temperature will rise. Don’t expect it to be very high, it only rises to about half a degree. When this occurs you have more chances of conceiving a baby and therefore you should try at this time. If you are more keen about BBT, you can make a chart of it and you will notice that there are patterns to it. It will be high in fertile periods whereas low in non fertile ones.

How To Take Basal Body Temperature

There are special thermometers available in the market to help you with basal body temperature. Here the thermometer is an oral one and goes to only 100 degrees. But every degree has a lot more gradations than in normal thermometer. This way it’s easier to track even the slightest difference in your body temperature. To take BBT it is necessary that you take it first thing in the morning as soon as you get up. You take it before even sitting up from bed. There are a lot of different options available in market for basal body thermometers and you can choose the best for yourself.

If you are planning to conceive this month, it would be a good idea to start taking your prenatal vitamins at this point of time. These vitamins and supplements will help you get any deficiencies in your body alright and make it healthy for conceiving a healthy child. There are a lot of birth defects that you can avoid with these prenatal vitamins.

This might also be a good time for preconception planning. You can call your doctor and get ready for conception.

Talk with your doctor about what kind of diet will be suitable for you. It would be a good idea if you can get rid of habits like smoking and drinking if you are planning to conceive this month. The effect of smoking, drinking and doping is very dangerous for your baby and if you want a healthy child, these habits are a big NO.

Include as much folic acid as you can in your diet for a healthy pregnancy. Most women have a deficiency of folic acid in them and there are many food items like broccoli, asparagus, citrus fruits etc in your diet from the prenatal stage itself. I am sure you won’t require a lot of folic acid through supplements.

All in all, week one is to eat right and prepare your body for various changes you are about to experience.

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