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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Tips to Recover after a C-Section

Childbirth, whether it is a C-section or a vaginal birth, is taxing on the body. The body needs time to recover. However, a Caesarean delivery or the C-section entails a longer recovery period. It also needs greater care as it is a surgical procedure.  This article dispenses valuable tips to speed up recovery after a C-section. It includes tips on ... Read More »

Tips for Sound Sleep While Pregnant

Another sleepless night! You got up to use the bathroom and when you got back into bed, there was not a wink of sleep. You tried to shut your eyes tight. You rolled, twisted and turned trying to get comfortable. But, sleep continued to remain elusive. Mounting the troubles is an aching back. You’re having a hard time coping with ... Read More »

Top 8 Pregnancy Fears… Are They Worth Worrying About?

From the moment a woman learns of her pregnancy, she finds herself grappling with a new set of worries. Some of these pregnancy jitters are completely valid and deserve a thought. But, also lurking in this crowd are a few illogical and irrational fears. They find their origin in myths, past experiences or let’s blame it on the hormones. Check ... Read More »

Morning Sickness: The Flip side of Pregnancy

Morning sickness is the most conspicuous symptom of pregnancy. Almost every second woman experiences bouts of nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. A selected few continue to suffer until their delivery. Morning sickness starts between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy. It starts as soon as a woman conceives. Although it is called morning sickness, the nauseous feeling ... Read More »

Let The Growth Begin – 3rd week of Pregnancy

This period is described as an implantation period of pregnancy. A lot is going in the womb and your baby is growing at a very fast pace. After conception the fertilized egg is known as a blastocyst. The blastocyst is actually a very tiny ball which will turn out to be your baby after 9 months of care and nurturing. ... Read More »

Is It Necessary To Nave A Child Birth Plan?

Women usually experience the late-pregnancy jitters as they progress into the third trimester of pregnancy. As much as they look forward to the arrival of their little one, they dread those hours in the labor and delivery room. There are so many questions in their mind, but they do not know who to look up to for the answers. This ... Read More »

A To-Do List for the Third Trimester Pregnancy

You’re only a couple of weeks away from holding your bundle of joy in your arms. For once these nine long months seem sweet and pleasant. The thought of your little one erases all the unhappy and the yucky memories of the phase. But, wait! Before you get lost in reverie, picturing your new family, there are a few things ... Read More »

Starting Of A New Life – Pregnancy Week 2

When The Actual Conception Takes Place This is the time when the real action starts. Although you can still not be declared pregnant (it will happen only towards the end). What would interest you though is that this is the time the sex of your baby will get determined. Let’s look at all the changes that are happening at this ... Read More »

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