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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Delivery Room Tips for First-Time Dads

You’ve been her pillar of strength and support during the past nine months and it’s the same she expects during those agonizing hours in the delivery room. You want to be there for her too. To help her get through the pain and cherish together the first cry of your little one. But the question is how?  You don’t know ... Read More »

9 Warning Signals During Pregnancy Exercise

Exercise helps one battle the physical and emotional discomfort tied to pregnancy. It helps you sleep better, builds stamina and keeps you in shape.  The health care provider briefs expectant women on the exercises safe during pregnancy. But, they have an upper limit too. Pushing the body beyond this limit increases the risk of complications.  There’s one thing good about ... Read More »

Pregnancy Food Cravings And Aversions – What Causes Them?

Your mouth waters at the sight of a pickle bottle. You wish you could devour the entire container of ice cream at one time. Also on the list are waffles, peanut butter, oranges and avocados. Quite on the contrary the very sight of your favorite food, the one you always binged on, makes your stomach do a flip-flop.  Almost every ... Read More »

Top 5 Common Fears Related To Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is the most confusing chapter in the life of a couple. Neither of you are sure about whether it’s safe or not. You are always caught between your desire and responsibility. There is a desire to enjoy an intimate time with your partner but you also have to think about your responsibility that you have to safeguard ... Read More »

Pregnancy Headaches – What can you do about them?

That shooting pain in your left temple trailing down to the nape of your neck is giving you a hard time. Ever the since the first trimester, you’ve been experiencing headaches of varying intensity. The problem is they impact your ability to go about your daily activities.  Let us discuss the various ways to ease a pregnancy headache without the ... Read More »

Tips To Recover After A Vaginal Delivery

The physical and emotional changes brought about by pregnancy continue even after childbirth. The changes manifest in full swing during the first 6 weeks. These changes are not problems but the manner in which the body recovers and returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Given are tips to care for and monitor your health after a vaginal delivery. Vaginal Soreness: The ... Read More »

Crucial Tips on Getting Intimate after Pregnancy

A very small percent of women entertains the idea of lovemaking immediately after childbirth. They are exhausted. The body is sore and still recovering after the birthing process. Besides, with the baby weight still sitting around, you don’t feel as sexy as you used to.  Parenting, pain and exhaustion, fears and anxieties, mood swings and raging hormones have their own ... Read More »

Tips On How To Deal With Gestational Diabetes Efficiently

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common complications during pregnancy and almost 4% of pregnant women have to deal with this during their pregnancy. Saying this, it is very important to know about what is gestational diabetes and what causes it so that we can make changes in our lifestyle to deal with the problem. Gestational diabetes is a ... Read More »

Top 5 Pregnancy Exercises for Normal Delivery

We have seen a lot of development in the field of medicine till date and there is no doubt when we say there is nothing that is impossible for our doctors be it in any area of medicine. But with these developments we sometimes need to pay its price as well. For example when it comes to deliver a baby, ... Read More »

Tips to Manage Mood Swings during Pregnancy

Everyone enquires about the health of a pregnant woman. However, when doing so, they are mainly concerned about how she is coping with the physical changes brought about by pregnancy. Rarely does one look at the emotional aspect.  Mothers-to-be often find themselves caught up in a storm of emotions – fear, anxiety, irritation, pain, hope, excitement and happiness. This emotional ... Read More »

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