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6 Tips to Cope With a Summer Pregnancy – Beat the Heat

6 Tips to Cope With a Summer Pregnancy – Beat the Heat

Whether you’ve just received the good news or are in the homestretch of your pregnancy, a summer pregnancy can be hard on you. The physical discomfort coupled with the sweltering heat make you miserable. The others reel under the heat too, but you just have it worse because of your already elevated basal body temperature. This short section gives you the best pregnancy tips to beat the heat and feel comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

The body has its own mechanisms to regulate body temperature. Sweating is one of them. It is a cooling mechanism that makes sure your body does not overheat. However, sweating excessively might leave you dehydrated.  Therefore, make sure you increase your fluid intake especially water. This is particularly important if you have severe morning sickness. Along with water, you can drink natural drinks such as coconut water, lime juice and fruit juices. Cut your consumption of sodas, coffee and fizzy drinks as they dehydrate your body.

Put Your Feet Up

The problem of edema, swelling on the feet and around the ankles and wrists, gets worse during summer. Take every opportunity you get to put your feet up. Keeping your legs in an elevated position will subside the swelling. You can also ask your husband to massage your legs or soak yourself in a warm tub. You can eat citrus fruits, celery and a small amount of parsley; they are natural diuretics.

Wear Breathable Maternity Clothes

One of the reasons you are uncomfortable, stinky and sweaty is because you are wearing the wrong fabrics. Opt for comfortable and light weight fabrics such as cotton and linen. They are moisture wicking fabrics and therefore very comfortable. Try as much to avoid synthetic fibers and polyester. Go for loose-fitting, light-colored clothes. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat. Avoid wearing socks. It will be better if you can wear open shoes, sandals and flats. 

Stay Cool

With the climate offering no respite, you’re only option is to look for ways to stay cool.

  • You can get an air-conditioner installed in your room. This will help also those restless nights. Draw the curtains open and allow the cool breeze to filter through the room.
  • Go for a swim or take a shower. It will lower your body temp as well as relax the tensed nerves. Carry a hand fan to fan yourself when you are outdoors.
  • Try as much as possible to stay indoors during the afternoons.
  • Use wet wipes. They not only help wipe away the sweat but the cool sensation leaves you refreshed.
  • Always keep a fruit or snack in your bag as they heat and fatigue might make you dizzy. A small snack will boost your sugar levels.
  • Keep a mixture of rose water and plain water in the fridge and use the solution to wash your face.
  • If you feel your eyes heavy and tired, place chilled slices of cucumber or cold tea bags on them. It will soothe and refresh the eyes.
  • You can also get some relief from the heat by trying to cool your pulse points. You can hold your wrists under a tap of running cold water or place a washcloth dipped in cold water on your forehead or at the back of your neck.

Get Help

The extra weight, the household chores, the morning sickness and the heat could be tiring you out. Take a break. Don’t feel shy to ask a family member to assist with the household chores. If your budget allows, you can also consider hiring domestic help. Try to finish all the light chores especially cooking in the morning.  

Go Easy With Exercise

Exercise is a must during pregnancy. However, it can take a toll on your health during the summer months. You should do whatever exercise you do early in the morning or late in the evening.

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