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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Top 5 Common Fears Related To Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is the most confusing chapter in the life of a couple. Neither of you are sure about whether it’s safe or not. You are always caught between your desire and responsibility. There is a desire to enjoy an intimate time with your partner but you also have to think about your responsibility that you have to safeguard ... Read More »

Pregnancy Headaches – What can you do about them?

That shooting pain in your left temple trailing down to the nape of your neck is giving you a hard time. Ever the since the first trimester, you’ve been experiencing headaches of varying intensity. The problem is they impact your ability to go about your daily activities.  Let us discuss the various ways to ease a pregnancy headache without the ... Read More »

Types of Pain Relief During Childbirth

While skimming through the questions on the ready-made childbirth plan template, you came across the option “For pain relief, I’d like to use…” You pondered over it for a while. Should you opt for a natural birth without any pain relief medication? What if the labor pains get severe and intolerable? What are the possible pain relief options you could ... Read More »

Tips to Stop Weaning Your Baby

You’re maternity leave is coming to an end. Soon you will be returning to work and you have to think about additional options to keep your baby nourished and satiated at all times. Whether weaning is a personal decision or a result of another factor, you are going to have to do it one day or the other. But, the ... Read More »

Post-Pregnancy Exercise – How to get started

You’re tired and sore! But, there’s also another thought at the back of your mind. You have to shed all the baby weight as soon as you can. Getting rid of pregnancy weight is not impossible but also not very easy. The main reason is you cannot jump aboard any exercise routine or program like you used to earlier. Your ... Read More »

5 Exercises for New Moms

Exercise after pregnancy and delivery proves to be one of the most beneficial health decisions. Exercise not only helps the body return to its pre-pregnancy state faster, but also keeps you active and in good health.  The physical stress, pain and exhaustion involved in the child birthing process compel many new moms to put exercise on the back burner. We ... Read More »

Tips To Recover After A Vaginal Delivery

The physical and emotional changes brought about by pregnancy continue even after childbirth. The changes manifest in full swing during the first 6 weeks. These changes are not problems but the manner in which the body recovers and returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Given are tips to care for and monitor your health after a vaginal delivery. Vaginal Soreness: The ... Read More »

Foods To Avoid When Breastfeeding

Have a fussy baby who spits up or vomits most of his feed? Is your baby suffering a colic or diarrhea? Your baby has developed a rash that tends to reoccur – These are all symptoms of food allergy. A particular substance in the breast milk is causing the allergy and the problem actually starts with what you eat.  Pregnancy ... Read More »

Crucial Tips on Getting Intimate after Pregnancy

A very small percent of women entertains the idea of lovemaking immediately after childbirth. They are exhausted. The body is sore and still recovering after the birthing process. Besides, with the baby weight still sitting around, you don’t feel as sexy as you used to.  Parenting, pain and exhaustion, fears and anxieties, mood swings and raging hormones have their own ... Read More »

Breast Care Tips during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Change in the size of the breast is common during pregnancy. To add, after the mother starts breastfeeding she experiences an entirely different set of problems – sore and cracked nipples, engorged breasts, plugged milk ducts, pain and discomfort in the breasts. Close behind is the problem of sagging breasts as the mother slowly starts weaning her baby. Given are ... Read More »

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