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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Best Pregnancy Tips for Stretch Marks

Uh oh! It finally happened! The scrawny red lines a.k.a. Stretch marks you’ve been dreading right from the start of your pregnancy have made their grand debut. According to experts, stretch marks accompany more than 50% pregnancies. The medical terminology for stretch marks is Striae gravidarum.  Stretch marks usually occur in the last trimester or in the early weeks after delivery. Common ... Read More »

7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Couple’s who have not been able to conceive despite trying for a while tend to get anxious. They dread the word “Infertility”. Delayed conception does not always mean you are infertile. In a majority of instances it is the outcome of wrong lifestyle habits or disregard for health. Thus, minor alterations can make a “THE” difference to your life.  Given ... Read More »

25th Week of Pregnancy… A brush up on Co-ordination and Control

The first few months were dedicated to the development of the organs. A few weeks later, the body systems started chugging. This week your baby has taken another leap. In the 25th week, your little one is learning to co-ordinate body movements.  Baby Development During the 25th week of pregnancy, your baby measures more than 13 inches in length and ... Read More »

Bleeding During Pregnancy – Is It Normal?

One morning the unexpected happened… You spotted a few drops of blood on your underwear. Frantically you called up your doctor and a few hours later you were at his office waiting to see him. After a thorough checkup you were sent home with the assurance that everything was normal. But, somehow you were not convinced.  Bleeding is not a ... Read More »

24th Week of Pregnancy

You’ve almost completed the second trimester. The fetus is growing rapidly and will gain an average 4 ounce per week hereafter. As far as you are concerned, you should be gearing up for a series of tests.  Baby Development At 24 weeks your baby measures 12 inches in length; that’s a foot long. The fetus weighs between 1 ¼ – ... Read More »

Delivery Room Tips for First-Time Dads

You’ve been her pillar of strength and support during the past nine months and it’s the same she expects during those agonizing hours in the delivery room. You want to be there for her too. To help her get through the pain and cherish together the first cry of your little one. But the question is how?  You don’t know ... Read More »

9 Warning Signals During Pregnancy Exercise

Exercise helps one battle the physical and emotional discomfort tied to pregnancy. It helps you sleep better, builds stamina and keeps you in shape.  The health care provider briefs expectant women on the exercises safe during pregnancy. But, they have an upper limit too. Pushing the body beyond this limit increases the risk of complications.  There’s one thing good about ... Read More »

Pregnancy Food Cravings And Aversions – What Causes Them?

Your mouth waters at the sight of a pickle bottle. You wish you could devour the entire container of ice cream at one time. Also on the list are waffles, peanut butter, oranges and avocados. Quite on the contrary the very sight of your favorite food, the one you always binged on, makes your stomach do a flip-flop.  Almost every ... Read More »

Why Do Doctors Suggest Inducing Labor?

Birth stories tend to be very comforting when you’re looking for ways to ease the nervousness surrounding your fast approaching delivery. It is a great source as it relates real experiences – the various ways in which mothers prepare for delivery, the strategies adopted to cope with pain and after birth care.  But there’s a flipside too. It exposes you ... Read More »

Methods of Inducing Labor

You’ve just returned from what might be your last prenatal checkup. You’ve passed your due date and also measure a little big. Your obstetrician informed you that if you don’t go into labor naturally in the coming 5 days you will need to be induced.  Your doc has briefed you on the basics of the process. But, what you’re eager ... Read More »

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