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Pregnancy Week by Week

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8 Steps to Give Up Smoking during Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires a woman to make major alterations to her lifestyle habits. One such change is “Quitting smoking”.  Smoking is injurious to the health of the mother and her unborn baby. When a pregnant woman smokes she exposes her baby to harmful toxins like nicotine and carbon monoxide. These substances in tobacco smoke restrict the supply of oxygen to the ... Read More »

Unable to Conceive after a year of trying? Analyzing the Causes

If you have been trying for a few months and have still not fallen pregnant, you might be dejected. Take our word, you shouldn’t. Inability to conceive up to one year does not necessarily mean that you are infertile.  The time taken for a woman to get pregnant varies considerably. According to the figures, about 20-25% couples fall pregnant naturally ... Read More »

8th Week of Pregnancy – The Embryo in Action

As far as the growth of the embryo is concerned, this week belongs to the physical features – the baby’s arms and the legs. And, will any baby sit still when his arms and legs help him swim around? Never! There’s going to be movement too. But, sadly you won’t feel it so soon.  Baby Development The embryo is only ... Read More »

6th Week of Pregnancy – Starts Taking Form and Shape

The 6th week marks a milestone in your pregnancy. At this gestational age, the onset of pregnancy symptoms makes you feel pregnant in the real sense. The 6th week of pregnancy is also marked by crucial baby development. The heart starts chugging while the central nervous system is in its development stage. Get a deeper insight into what life is ... Read More »

5 Mistakes Every New Parent Makes

No parent is perfect! Whether they are the parents of a teen or those of an infant, everyone makes a few mistakes. At least the others have some first hand knowledge in the art of parenting, but parents to newborn have only started taking their baby steps in this alien domain.  If you are a new parent, there is no ... Read More »

Packing a Delivery Bag: A Checklist and Tips

If the birth of your baby is just around the corner, you must have by now started assembling and packing the various items you will need for the days you spend at the birth center. You have to carry a few items for yourself, your baby and also your partner.  Here’s a list of things a mother-to-be should pack in ... Read More »

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