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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Top 5 Pregnancy Exercises for Normal Delivery

We have seen a lot of development in the field of medicine till date and there is no doubt when we say there is nothing that is impossible for our doctors be it in any area of medicine. But with these developments we sometimes need to pay its price as well. For example when it comes to deliver a baby, ... Read More »

23rd Week of Pregnancy – A Miniature Newborn

The facial features are near perfection. The arms and limbs are well developed. Your little one looks so adorable in the ultrasound snapshots. She seems a miniature version of the tiny bundle you will cuddle in your arms approximately three months down the line.  Baby Development Your baby is 11 ½ inches in length and weighs slightly over a pound.  ... Read More »

5 Signs You Are About to Deliver the Baby

It happened once before. You thought you were in labor. Excited and anxious you headed to the hospital only to be told they were “Braxton Hicks Contractions”. Oops, false alarm! Pregnancy is difficult to predict and such confusions are common occurrences. But, how will you be able to tell when the time actually comes? If this thought is troubling you, ... Read More »

21st Week of Pregnancy – A revved up digestive system

The baby’s growth and development is phenomenal. However, changes occurring in your body at stage might come as a surprise and cause a little embarrassment. Many of these are a teaser of the third trimester pregnancy symptom. So here’s a sneak peak at the surprises the 21st week of pregnancy brings along for you and your baby. Baby Development At ... Read More »

Tips to Manage Mood Swings during Pregnancy

Everyone enquires about the health of a pregnant woman. However, when doing so, they are mainly concerned about how she is coping with the physical changes brought about by pregnancy. Rarely does one look at the emotional aspect.  Mothers-to-be often find themselves caught up in a storm of emotions – fear, anxiety, irritation, pain, hope, excitement and happiness. This emotional ... Read More »

20th week of pregnancy: Midpoint of your Pregnancy

You were too engrossed in your baby’s growth to notice how fast things were happening. Just a few weeks ago you spilled the news of your impending motherhood and today you’re rejoicing at another milestone crossed- the midpoint of your pregnancy. Another 20 weeks and your bundle of joy will be in your arms. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Baby Development ... Read More »

7 Surprising Dad-To-Be Facts

“Am I the one having mood swings or you?” – This statement sounds familiar. Oh yes! You said it to your hubby the other day. Off lately his behavior perplexes you. Sometimes he is so over-protective and sometimes he just doesn’t seem to care. Is he experiencing mood swings too?  It may sound amusing, but the fact is “YES”. Although ... Read More »

19th Week of Pregnancy – Sensory Development

At 19 weeks you’re not the only one with the heightened senses. In a few days, time your baby will be joining you too. Even before you’re aware of it, you’re little one will have developed his preferences in taste. How? Because her tiny brain has commenced work on the five main senses. Learn more below.  Baby development Your baby’s ... Read More »

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

When it comes to your little one, you want to make the healthiest choices. You eat healthy, devote time to exercise and also take your prenatal vitamins regularly. But are you aware of the foods you should avoid? Food choices you make have a lasting impact on your baby’s health. Selected food items though otherwise healthy may pose serious threat ... Read More »

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