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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Tips for Coping With Morning Sickness

The queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach makes you sick. There are times when your stomach growls with hunger, but when you actually spoon and bite into your food, you feel like throwing up. All you want to do is curl in bed and rest. How you wish you could choose your pregnancy symptoms! Morning sickness decreases by ... Read More »

The Embryonic Period – Pregnancy 4th Week

Now that your blastocyst is formed and implantation has taken place, you will move on to the next stage of pregnancy. The fourth week of pregnancy is also known as the embryonic period or the beginning of the development of an embryo. This is the time when the organs will start its development wand will continue to do so till ... Read More »

Let The Growth Begin – 3rd week of Pregnancy

This period is described as an implantation period of pregnancy. A lot is going in the womb and your baby is growing at a very fast pace. After conception the fertilized egg is known as a blastocyst. The blastocyst is actually a very tiny ball which will turn out to be your baby after 9 months of care and nurturing. ... Read More »

The First Kick: When does it officially come?

That first kick becomes a memory for a lifetime; it is a story that will be told over and over again. Although the baby exists as an embryo much earlier, it is the movements in the later months that actually help a mother sense and build a bond with the child inside her. But, unfortunately many moms-to-be, especially the first-timers, ... Read More »

Is It Necessary To Nave A Child Birth Plan?

Women usually experience the late-pregnancy jitters as they progress into the third trimester of pregnancy. As much as they look forward to the arrival of their little one, they dread those hours in the labor and delivery room. There are so many questions in their mind, but they do not know who to look up to for the answers. This ... Read More »

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

When a mother sees her newborn snoozing all day and up during most hours of the night, she wonders whether it is normal. She is concerned about her child getting the right amount of sleep and questions the erratic sleep patterns.  If you’re a new parent, there is no need to worry about the way your child sleeps. Babies are ... Read More »

A To-Do List for the Third Trimester Pregnancy

You’re only a couple of weeks away from holding your bundle of joy in your arms. For once these nine long months seem sweet and pleasant. The thought of your little one erases all the unhappy and the yucky memories of the phase. But, wait! Before you get lost in reverie, picturing your new family, there are a few things ... Read More »

What To Expect In The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

At the end of the second trimester and almost into the third, women wonder what the final phase of this journey into motherhood has in store for them. You’ve been told that it’s similar to the not-so-pleasant first trimester. It is true. The homestretch of your pregnancy can be quite challenging. But, don’t worry! Knowing how your body changes and ... Read More »

How To Safely Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Pregnancy leads to moderate weight gain. Thus, women get desperate to drop a few pounds and get back into shape. Losing weight after childbirth is not as easy as otherwise. A new mom has to take special care and precautions because for the first few months the baby depends on her entirely for its food and nourishment. She needs to ... Read More »

How Do I Choose The Most Accurate Home Pregnancy Test?

Home pregnancy tests allow women to test for pregnancy in the privacy of their own homes. Their prices also make them very cost effective. However, stories of inaccurate results- faint positives, false positives and false negatives may force women to reconsider their decision of using an HPT. There are so many brands of HPT kits available over the market that ... Read More »

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